The Sixers lost two 2nd round picks after an NBA investigation

The Sixers lost two 2nd round picks after an NBA investigation

The Philadelphia 76ers will be stripped of their second-round picks in the 2023 and 2024 NBA drafts as a result of violating free agent rules by talking to forwards early PJ Tucker and Daniel House Jrthe NBA announced Monday afternoon.

In its statement, the league said the drafts were forfeited because the 76ers spoke with both players “before the date such discussions were permitted.”

“The Philadelphia 76ers have fully cooperated with the NBA’s investigation and accept the league’s decision,” the team said in a statement after the league announced the penalty. “We’re moving forward, focused on the season ahead.”

Philadelphia will still have a second-round pick in the 2023 NBA draft, as the 76ers will receive the most valuable pick of all Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets or Charlotte Hornets as part of earlier trades.

The league has been scouting the 76ers since the summer, when Philadelphia signed Tucker to the mid-level exception and House to the biennial exception — moves that were possible after James Harden took a significant pay cut of roughly $15 million after declining his 2022-23 player option and re-signing with the franchise that traded him back in February.

Sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski that a similar investigation into Fr New York Knicks signing guardian Jalen Brunson away from Dallas Mavericks is still in progress.

Sources also told Wojnarowski that the NBA and the National Basketball Association are expected to discuss rules governing penalties for teams for conversations with player agents about pending free agents before the start of free agency.

Even with the ongoing investigation into the Knicks aside, Philadelphia becomes the fourth team in the last two years to be fined for some kind of violation of these rules, joining Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls.

Milwaukee lost a second-round pick for trying to complete the sign and trade with the Sacramento Kings for Bogdan Bogdanovićwhile the Heat and Bulls each lost second-round picks due to early sign-and-trade discussions that ultimately ended in Kyle Lowry and Lonzo Ballthat is,

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