The Steelers lost TJ Watt and Diontae Johnson to the Lions due to injuries

The Steelers lost TJ Watt and Diontae Johnson to the Lions due to injuries

Both players were ruled out by Pittsburgh to return to the game against Detroit in the first half

The alarm sirens went off to Pittsburgh Steelers in their last pre-season game against the Detroit Lionswhen the outside linebacker TJWatt He was injured in the second half.

The injury, apparently to the left knee, forced Watt Reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year— to go directly to the cloakroom Pittsburgh To be assessed. He was limping when he left the game.

With about four minutes remaining in the second period, the Steelers excluded the return of Watt at the match. The Steelers They were leading 9-0 the Lions when Watt left the party.

Watt seemed to be hurt on a running game by Detroit when tight end TJ Hockenson he went for a low block against the linebacker’s knees. Hockenson immediately helped Watt get up at the end of the play.

Pittsburgh he can’t afford to lose his best defender. Watt In September of last year, he signed a four-year, $112.011 million contract extension that made him, at the time, the highest-paid defensive player in the league. NFL. Watt he just finished a 22.5 sack season that tied the league mark for a year.

Previously, in the same game, Steelers also lost due to injury Diontae Johnson, who was also ruled out for the remainder of the match. The injury of Johnsonwho only signed a two-year, $36.71 million contract extension, was on the shoulder.

Johnson was first examined in the medical tent of the Steelerson the coast.

In both cases, the decision Pittsburgh do not return to Watt Already Johnson at the game was simply a precautionary measure and not a sign of anything more serious. This was confirmed by the head coach mike tomlin in an interview during the game’s broadcast with the CBS network, pointing out that if it had been a regular season game, they would likely both have returned to action.

Information from Brooke Pryor was used in writing this note.

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