The striking sentence of the president of Formula 1 on the signing of female drivers

The striking sentence of the president of Formula 1 on the signing of female drivers

Stefano Domenicali ruled out the entry of women into Formula 1 in the short term (Photo: REUTERS)

So far only Italians Maria Theresa of Philippi –qualified for three races in the 1950s– and Lella Lombardi –he ran some in the 70s– can boast of having competed in Formula 1, the highest category in motorsport, which has always been dominated by men. And apparently, according to the words of Stefano Domenicalithey will be alone for a long time.

is it the CEO of Formula 1 was skeptical about the short-term landing of a female driver in the premier category. ” In reality, I don’t see, unless there is something that looks like some kind of meteorite going into the earth, a woman as a Formula 1 driver in the next five years. It’s highly unlikely, I have to be realistic.” Sundays.

His controversial sentence was during a press conference before the Belgian Grand Prix, where it was also announced that there will be no French Grand Prix in 2023 as the contract has come to an end started in 2018 run on the circuit Castlein the south of the country.

Stefano Domenicali is Formula 1's highest authority (Photo: REUTERS)
Stefano Domenicali is Formula 1’s highest authority (Photo: REUTERS)

The path for women in motorsport has never been easy. In order to continue to promote female pilots in this sport, in 2019 the W-serieswhere the Spaniards clash Marta Garcia, Belen Garcia and Nerea Martior brazilian Bruna Tomaselalthough none have yet been able to take the plunge despite the fact that this category is supported by the F1. Colombian women Tatiana Calderonwhich amounts to F2 hand in hand with the team Charouz race systemis the one who has been closest lately.

Anyway, Italian Stefano Domenicali specified that they were “Totally committed to giving women the best possible chance of reaching F1”, but they want to do it the right way and without haste. “We want to develop the correct settings with the right approach to go step by step to that they can start racing against drivers at the right age and with the right car. That’s really what we’re working on.”

Sundays He also indicated that conversations with the promoter of the French Grand Prix continue and that, in the future, the competition could enter into a rotation system with other Grands Prix. Franceas monaco oh Belgiumhad not yet renewed the contract for next year. The other two countries still have possibilities of being part of the 2023 calendar.

France will not have a Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2023 but could return to the calendar later (Photo: REUTERS)
France will not have a Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2023 but could return to the calendar later (Photo: REUTERS)

The French Grand Prixwho crossed the circuit Paul Ricard and also for Magny Coursis the sixth most contested in the history of the Formula 1 since 1950 (62 editions). The Gallic country has a very strong motorsport tradition: it currently has two drivers –Stephen Ocon there Pierre Gasly– Among the 20 on the grid, a team (Alpine) and an engine manufacturer (Renault). Despite this and as Germanywill not have its own test next season.

The F1which is currently exported to Saudi Arabia, Miami and next season will come Vegaslook for “balance” the calendar between the different continents, with new circuits and Grand Prix “historical”. Faced with a growing interest in this discipline and the new financial standards which represent the Great prizesthe CEO of the competition acknowledged that “History is not enough”. According Sundaysthe presence of Grand Prize historical “cannot be taken for granted”.


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