The tragedy of potosino Eugenio Pizzuto

The tragedy of potosino Eugenio Pizzuto

Potosino footballer Eugenio Pizzuto’s career looked very promising as he was considered a ‘Bronze Baller’ at the 2019 U17 World Cup.
However, after more than three years of living this incredible experience, he finds himself lost in a Portugal team.
One factor that may have influenced his game loss may be the terrible injuries he once suffered during his short time in the professional leagues.
From dream to nightmare, the potosino who painted to be a figure of Mexico in Qatar 2022
Pizzuto became vice-world champion three years ago, the young figure of Pachuca caught the attention of the best clubs in Europe, but the board decided to wait for a good offer for Potosino to finish its formation.
Although Mexico did not win the championship three times, the soccer player was considered the third best soccer player in the competition.
His Liga MX debut for Pachuca came a year later, although he was only able to play nine minutes due to a broken fibula and a dislocated ankle.
The injury sidelined him for several months on the court and thanks to his talent he managed to emigrate to Europe.
What happened to Pizzuto?
He arrived at Lille in the French League, where he was unable to make his first division debut due to injuries caused by compartment syndrome.
His activity with the first team was limited to taking part in two friendlies, but the joy that the man from Potosí experienced in his first campaign was for the title won by Lille.
The club’s doctors operated on him in September 2021 and after his recovery, the coach didn’t give him any activity on the pitch.
Earlier this year, he signed up with Sporting Braga of Portugal.
Will this be the year of potosino?
Last semester he was considered the inferior of the Portuguese, he even returned to the Mexican national team to play in the Maurice Revello tournament.
He seemed to be one step ahead of the rest of the ‘mini TRI’ who fell in the final with Brazil, but injuries or misfortune ruled him out of Mexico at Qatar 2022.
Currently, his career is far from his promising start, he is no longer considered by Braga nor in their first or lower team and the most relevant was his welcome to Diego Lainez.
Everything indicates that Lainez will take the place of Pizzuto, now he will be forced to command the new generation of players who will try to shine at the 2026 World Cup.

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