the worst start to his injury-free years and a market still open

the worst start to his injury-free years and a market still open

Eden Hazard is enjoying his worst start to the season in terms of notoriety of his entire career in the top flight, given the campaigns he has been in healthy.

Although the Italian Carlo Ancelotti He assured in a press conference that he had the Belgian Eden Hazard in his plans for this season, seeing him as an alternative to the Frenchman Karim Benzema as false ‘9’, the doubts regarding the attacker’s figure do not cease and, as EFE was able to learn, in the real Madrid They do not close the door of an exit.

Although there are less than 48 hours left for the market to close, which ends this Thursday, the club are still open to letting him go in case an offer arrives that satisfies both parties, although that has not happened. during the summer and, unless you need equipment at the last minute, it doesn’t look like that will happen.

For him, Ancelotti account and trust him, to find a close version of this footballer who was among the best in the world, already being the best player in the premier leagueduring his internship in chelsea and which, however, has not appeared since he arrived at the real Madrid in June 2019.

And this, its fourth season, seems to be the latest bandwagon that Risk can go up. He himself, much loved in the locker room for his character, took it upon himself to put this pressure on himself during the celebration of the 14 Champions League in Cibeles.

“Madridistas, I’ve been here for three years with a lot of injuries, with a lot of things… But next year I’m going to give everything for you,” assured Hazard in front of the delirium of Madrid fans, who see in each word or gesture a sign to believe in him again.

Although the data shows otherwise. It’s more, Risk He is having his worst start to the season in terms of notoriety of his entire career in the top flight, given the campaigns in which he has been healthy.

It was only in 2008/2009, at the age of 17, that he had less importance than in the current one; with a clear explanation: it was the season in which he began to forge his brilliant career which began in the first team of the Lille and that injuries cut short after fulfilling his ‘dream’ of playing for Real Madrid.

With the white shirt, his record over the previous three seasons was six goals and ten assists in 66 games – in his worst season in premier league he scored six goals and provided eight goal assists.

The explanation lies in the 14 injuries he suffered, with particular importance for the ankle injury of November 26, 2019, from which, after the implantation of an osteosynthesis plate in his right foot, he did not recover. never felt comfortable.

The Belgian couldn’t catch up. The discomfort was constant no matter what he did, something that had never happened to him in his career. For this reason, on March 29, he said enough was enough and decided to have an operation to remove this plaque and try to start a new sporting life. However, it didn’t start as planned.

After leaving good feelings during the pre-season, with goals and assists in friendlies, he did not have minutes in the European Super Cup or in the last match against Spanish. Contra Almeria there Vigo Celtic he was a substitute, playing 33 and 8 minutes respectively.

It was in the latter that he had the opportunity to take another step in his difficult return to the top flight. Risk He asked him to take a penalty Benzema in the 87th minute of a match already played (1-4). The Frenchman, captain and aware of the importance of the Belgian’s recovery for the cause, imposed the maximum sentence on him; but he missed it and found himself without adding his seventh goal with the real Madrid.

A lens that, perhaps, would have helped change the look around her figure, but the reality is above the “what if…” and they show a Risk who, to this day, is still far from having reached this rise in range to which he aspires, like all of Real Madrid, and which he pursues day after day at Valdebebas.

For this reason, from the club they are open to any offer that may arrive in the day and a half that remains on the market; although, yes, without forcing or insisting that he seek a new destination.

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