‘There are options’: Ex-Red Bull driver could return to Formula 1

‘There are options’: Ex-Red Bull driver could return to Formula 1

Since the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Formula 1 made the decision to separate drivers of Russian nationality from the maximum motorsport competition. Thus, several runners found themselves without the possibility of having a place at the Grand Cirque at the start of the season. In this sense, one of the most affected and who was part of Red Bull Racing, spoke of the possibility of returning to the premier category of engines. The Russian driver does not close the door to F1, even if he now plays in NASCAR.

Daniil Kvyat, a former Red Bull Racing driver, has spoken of the possibility of returning to the Formula 1 in a future. The Russian rider had no chance to continue in the Grand Circus due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. The Ukrainian Automobile Federation demanded that the FIA ​​ban Russian licenses in international competitions. In this way, together with Nikita Mazepin de Haas, Kvyat was excluded from F1. In this sense, the former RBR assured that he would have no problem returning to the highest category of motorsport in the future.

Kvyat has been replaced by Max Verstappen at RBR.

The Formula 1As always, he has a special place in my heart. And who knows, I hope one day we can talk about it again, I’m still young. As some people demonstrate, you can come back after a little break and still do well. So now I’m open again to start negotiations and see what can come out by 2023. So luckily, there are a few options. And yes, I am open, there are no obstacles in that direction, if you ask me”assured Kvyat Motorsports.

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