Thermal blankets will disappear from F1 from 2024

Thermal blankets will disappear from F1 from 2024

Pirelli explains the process in phases to do without this tool

Isola details the challenge of saying goodbye to blankets

The blankets to keep the tires warm will disappear for the 2024 season. These accessories go against the climatic objectives of Formula 1 and also represent a significant expense for the teams. Pirelli explained the plan to do away with it little by little.

It will be a gradual disappearance. The teams, Pirelli and the FIA ​​have agreed on a staged system. From the 2021 season, the maximum tire casing temperature has been reduced to just 100°C at the front and 80°C at the rear. This year, only 70°C is authorized for all tablecloths. With this in mind, the number of thermal blankets has been reduced from 40 to 20.

Mario Isola, head of Pirelli, explains why they chose to go in phases. “If you want to design without thermal blankets, you have to design an entirely new tyre. It’s not enough to just create new compounds with a larger working area,” Isola told German publication Auto Motor und Sport.

“Formula 1 cars are so fast and generate such great forces that the pressures increase by 10 to 12 PSI while driving. This changes the whole tread and contact patch of the tyre,” he added. .

“The pressure increase is twice as high as in Formula 2. Due to the high loads we cannot start with 15 PSI in F1. Drivers should therefore relax at the start of a stint and increase the tire temperature slowly. Of course it’s not good for a race. So we have to start with 20 or 21 PSI. The pressure quickly rises to over 30 PSI,” added Isola.

For next year, the temperature is expected to drop to 50°C front and rear, as revealed by Isola. “Next year, electric blanket temperatures will continue to drop, down to just 50°C at the front and back. This also increases the pressure differences inside the relays. We are taking small steps to may nothing go wrong and may the show suffer. This year the tires are working very well. Of course, that should continue to be the case if we remove the electric blankets altogether,” Isola commented in closing.


  • 2021: 100°C at the front and 80°C at the rear

  • 2022: 70°C front and rear

  • 2023: 50°C front and rear

  • 2024: total ban on thermal blankets

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