they do not score a penalty in favor and forgive Jonathan’s expulsion

they do not score a penalty in favor and forgive Jonathan’s expulsion

For the arbitration specialist, Felipe Ramos Rizo, indicated that a penalty was not awarded to Henry Martín and that Jonathan Dos Santos was pardoned for expulsion

The arbitration controversy was present at the Victoria Stadium, during the visit of America in Necaxa during the 14th day of the Apertura 2022. For Felipe Ramos Rizo, specialist in the arbitration of ESPNthe whistle Fernando Guerrero did not score a penalty for the Eagles after a foul on Henry Martin.

However, he also pardoned the expulsion of Jonathan Dos Santos for a strong entry into midfield.

The now analyst ESPN felt that whistle Fernando Guerrero did not do a good job in the game at Victoria Stadium as after 10 minutes the feathered midfielder hit Facundo Batista with the cleats but despite the referee’s action He decided to simply mark the foul, but without drawing a card.

“Guerrero in front of the game and does not send off Jonathan Dos Santos. Even the sock came down from the blow with the cleats,” the former World Cup whistler wrote on social media.

Likewise, Ramos Rizo pointed out that the so-called ‘Singer’ didn’t score the maximum penalty against the home team by committing a foul on Henry Martín.

Juan Pablo Segovia hugged the azulcrema center forward and didn’t let him move inside the box. Given this, the referee ignored him and preferred not to go to VAR to observe the action.

“Penalty in favor of America which is not indicated. Embrace Henry Martín and prevent him from playing the ball freely,” he commented on his Twitter account.

América struggled to find the course of the match, and Henry Martín’s play was one of the most dangerous, but the whistle invalidated him because he believed there was no foul.

A few minutes before, a moved millimeter removed the Águilas equalizer, after a long shot that Federico Viñas went to fight, but in the clash with Luis Malagón the ball came out with a rebound and Henry Martín scored, but the game was canceled due to the advanced position.

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