They explained the newspaper: Ferrari confessed what failed during the pit stop of Carlos Sainz

They explained the newspaper: Ferrari confessed what failed during the pit stop of Carlos Sainz

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Ferrari has become the laughingstock of Formula 1 this season due to its constant mistakes in organizing a racing strategy for its drivers. The Dutch Grand Prix was no exception to the rule since carlos sainz he suffered a disastrous pit stop that lasted 12 seconds and robbed him of all hope of a podium at Zandvoort.

The error made by Ferrari with carlos sainz It was criticized by all the media specializing in Formula 1, to the point that it became one of the biggest newspapers of the season. Due to, of the Italian team, they had to give explanations about what happened with the Madrid pilot in the box, and it was chief strategist Iñaki Rueda who showed his face.

In total, Carlos Sainz took 29.705 seconds to complete the entire pit stop course.

“The pit crew call usually comes 23-24 seconds before the pit stop, but in this case, as we were reacting to Perez, he came later. We only gave our crew the stand only 17 seconds to react.”explained Iñaki Rueda through an analysis that Ferrari published on “Linkedin”.

Ferrari rushed to see that Red Bull was preparing to change Checo Pérez’s tires and they wanted to counter the stageia by calling carlos sainz. However, it all went wrong for the Italian team as the Spanish driver was missing his left rear wheel to exit the pit lane, giving Checo Pérez enough time to exit the pits ahead of the F1-75.

“Carlos entered a little earlier than usual. The fitter of the left front tire managed to squeeze between the front fender and the front jack, but the fitter of the left rear tire couldn’t pass”, completes Iñaki Rueda on Ferrari’s mistake at the Zandvoort circuit.

Carlos Sainz is fifth in the drivers’ championship with
Carlos Sainz 175 points.

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carlos sainz He finished in eighth position at the Dutch Grand Prix after his bad pit stop and the sanction imposed by the FIA ​​for a “dangerous exit”. This poor result could have put an end to the spirit of Madrid, but he is strong and has analyzed what awaits him in Monza, where he will look to reverse his bad luck and return to the podium.

“Winnings can always happen in different ways. He might not be the fastest, but he can also find a way to get there and win, so we’ll do our best,” the former McLaren driver explained in an interview posted on the site. Formula 1 official.

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