They launch a campaign to demand the return of ‘Chicharito’ to the Mexican national team

They launch a campaign to demand the return of ‘Chicharito’ to the Mexican national team

Petition for LA Galaxy striker’s return has reached 7,000 signatures, seeking to convince Tata Martino of his appeal

MEXICO.- Through an internet page, the return of Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez wing Mexican national teamjust three months from the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

‘Chicharito Hernandez He hasn’t been considered by national coach Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino for three years for reasons that have not been confirmed, although an act of indiscipline is said to be the main reason. The last time the LA Galaxy striker was called up by the Argentine coxswain was in September 2019, for a game on a FIFA date.

A few weeks ago a campaign was launched on open to the general public to add signatures and ask ‘Tata’ Martino to summon ‘Chicharito Hernandezhaving as arguments that the man from Guadalajara is going through a good time in MLS with 12 goals in the current season, besides the fact that he is the top scorer in the Mexican team in history.

Teófilo Huerta Moreno launched this petition which aims to have a direct impact on Yon de Luisa, President of the Mexican Fitbol Federation (FMF), and the signatures collected are about to reach 7,000, with the goal set being 7,500.

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez should not be erased (understood discriminated) from Mexico national team,” the petition reads.

For the author of the campaign, “even if questions of discipline and individualism are invoked, these cannot be insurmountable factors for his call and his integration into the national team, unless they are equated with short term and unfairly to crimes against humanity. Are his faults so serious that he is prevented from wearing the national jersey again?

The petition recalls that in the case of the historical scorer of the Mexican team leniency and leniency must prevail. And a tale is made of the good times the former Chivas striker had in Mexico, England, Germany, the United States and even during his spell in Spain with Real Madrid.

Teófilo Huerta Moreno assures that the property is not in demand for ‘Chicharito Hernandezbut simply that it is integrated so that the Mexican attack has the possibility of obtaining better results.

At the same time, the fact that ‘Chicharito’ has become a sports idol is highlighted and it is made clear that the people’s voice should be heard and taken into account. “This request stems from a personal position, but it can surely become a major proclamation,” added Teófilo Huerta Moreno.

Until Monday afternoon, the number of signatures from the public was 6,838 and, according to the protagonist of the campaign, if 7,500 are gathered, there will be more chances of obtaining a positive response from the Mexican football authorities. .

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