They reveal the exotic life of Wanda Nara after the footballer’s salary cut

They reveal the exotic life of Wanda Nara after the footballer’s salary cut

Luxurious life. Mauro Icardi came out of Paris Saint Germain in this transfer markup after Kylian Mbappe became Christophe Galtier’s sole striker, so now he’s meeting the Galatasaray from Turkey, where the salary has been lowered.

And it is that the Argentine journalist Augusto Tartúfoli revealed in the details of the program of Los Angeles de la Mañana that were not known between Icardi there Wanda Naraa couple very media in Argentina and which is still controversial, where he pointed out that, during the transfer from Paris to Turkey, he had to lower his salary.

“Mauro was earning 10 million euros a year. In Turkey, they couldn’t pay him that amount, so the Qataris told him that they would take over part of his salary and pay him 6 million euros a year. “, said the communicator.

“The Turks told him that they could only offer him another 750,000 years, or 60,000 per month, because living in Turkey is not that expensive. The reality is that Mauro was earning 10 million euros a year and now he’s going to earn 6,” he added.

That’s when he launches the monthly expense he makes Wanda Naraspouse Icardieven if they are not cheap and full of eccentricities for the moment that they earn four ‘melons’ less.

“They were used to a standard of living in which Wanda spent around 400,000 to 500,000 euros to live. His entourage explains that this money goes to the house of Milanothe international schools attended by their children, etc.


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