They stop the encounter between Cadiz and Barcelona due to a problem with a fan in the stands

They stop the encounter between Cadiz and Barcelona due to a problem with a fan in the stands

Around the 81st minute, central referee Carlos del Cerro Grande realized what had happened, which is why he stopped the actions so that doctors from both teams could come and treat the fan.

This Saturday’s meeting between Cadiz and Barcelona has been called off, after a fan presented health problems in the stands, which is why the central referee, Charles of the Great Hill stopped the actions during the match so that the supporter in the stands could receive medical attention.

Around minute 81, the central referee Charles of the Great Hillrealized what had happened, which is why he stopped the actions so that the doctors of the two teams came to provide medical care to the supporter as well as to the medical personnel who were in the stadium.

After five minutes without activity, silence invaded the building, after the doctor of the Barcelona He went with the ventilator and later a defibrillator was brought to the area where the follower was being treated.

Argentinian goalkeeper Jeremiah Ledesma was one of the elements that prompted the doctors to take the defibrillator to the area where the follower was being treated, so that as the minutes went by the tension increased in the New Mirandilla Stadium.

Nine minutes after the match was suspended, the supporters present at the New Mirandilla Stadium stood up, but remained silent in the face of what happened, for their part the footballers were very touched, being Ronald Araujo one of the elements that determined to pray before this happened.

Nine minutes after the incident, the two teams left the field to go to the locker rooms, which makes this an extreme and unusual situation, since in the history of The league nothing like it had ever been presented.

Later, the local sound announced that the meeting was not going to be suspended for the time being, so there is an indefinite hiatus. Likewise, while the two teams are in the dressing rooms, it was reported that a cardiologist who was in the stadium crossed the field of play to provide support to the medical elements.


Through the local sound, the support of another cardiologist was requested to support the affected fan, similarly, a group of footballers from the Cadiz supporters moved a stretcher to the area where the affected fan is and supporters who were near the fan who is being treated were moved away.

11 minutes later, Red Cross paramedics began to arrive, due to a possible evacuation of the affected fan, as well as to provide psychological care to the fans present at the New Mirandilla Stadium.

In the same way, it was reported on several radios that near the place where the spectator is treated, two other people disappeared due to the impression of what happened, the other two concerned being the mate and a stadium operator, who were transferred out of the stadium stadium.

The uncertainty remains at the stage of Cadizfor his part took the floor the President of the Cadiz, Manuel Vizcaino Fernandez:

“They resuscitated the affected person, he fell back and they couldn’t stabilize him. In the end, they succeeded and they were able to evacuate him. Other doctors were called by loudspeaker. The first doctors treated him, then the club doctor came in. I think there was then a cardiologist who identified himself, I don’t know if he was from the street.”

Similarly, elements of both teams jumped onto the pitch to warm up and stay active before the eventual resumption of the match, since according to several reports the match would resume in seven more minutes.

After the footballers went out to warm up, the good news came to the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium, after the spectator managed to walk away with a boost after many minutes of uncertainty, for which he remains alive so far .

19 minutes later, the game resumed from the 81st minute, among the news after what happened, it was reported that at the end of the game, the players will not give statements to the media.

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