This is the luxurious ecological car of Carlos Alcaraz

This is the luxurious ecological car of Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz is on everyone’s lips after becoming the number one in world tennis thanks to his first Grand Slam harvested on American soil. A huge success, despite his 19 years, which led him to be the main picture some companies like Nike, Rolex, Isdin or BMW among the most prominent.

The latter has signed an agreement with the Murcian tennis player to be one of the ambassadors of the German car manufacturer, just like Real Madrid. “Very happy to become a new BMW ambassador. We have shared values ​​and the same concern for sustainable mobility! Convinced that we will do great things together with this global agreement with BMW!”, He wrote on his social networks .

Carlos Alcaraz’s new vehicle

Therefore, his new godfather gave him a BMW iX, one of its most sought after specimens and with the greatest commitment to the future due to its outstanding performance. It is distinguished mainly by the fact that it is 100% electricmarked by the great autonomy it has and by the wide comfort it enjoys thanks to the vehicle dimensions.

“The BMW iX is similar in size to the BMW X5 and X6, and features a highly controversial design, futuristic interior and an electric range of up to 600 kilometers on a single charge,” they state in their website. An interior with an innovative finish and which includes two digital screens over 12 inches, as well as a state-of-the-art multimedia system.

In terms of performance, this BMW model has record power depending on the range considered and ranges from 326 to 619 horsepower. The price of a BMW iX is something that is within the reach of very few, since the initial price starts from 87,150 to 136,950€, depending on the characteristics of the vehicle purchased. The new world number one will be able to take advantage of this gift after confirming that passed the driver’s license a few dates ago. “Objective fulfilled, I am already one more on the road, ”he writes.

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