Tiafoe dulls Rublev’s brilliance in decisive moments

Tiafoe dulls Rublev’s brilliance in decisive moments

It is the most important triumph of his career, surpassing his victory against Raphael Nadal in the round of 16. Frances Tiafoe defeated the Andrei Rublev in rooms of U.S. Open to become a Grand Slam semi-finalist at the age of 24 in front of an audience that acted as a local. The American, with a good performance on serve and at the net, showed the best of his tennis in the most important moments of the match, from which he emerged victorious with a score of 7-6(3), 7-6( 0) and 6-4 in 2 hours and 36 minutes.

Tiafoe and Arthur Ashe vs. Rublev

The tie prevailed in the opening games of the match, with Arthur Ashe clearly having a favourite. Tiafoe kept the score on the board using an incredible serve against Andrey who tried to force unforced errors from his opponent. His aggressive returns led to the American’s first break ball, a situation which Rublev avoided to secure the tie-break. Frances squealed in delight that she was still alive on set for this to have the most tense ending.

With the force building throughout the first set, with the stands as the main driver, the American was the first to take the lead. The Russian tennis player’s hopes were quickly ended, although he did hit a lob that miraculously landed on the line with Frances already celebrating the set. With a direct serve, Tiafoe took a step forward in a clash in which he stepped up to the net on several occasions.

Andrei, no options

Patience was complicit in a Tiafoe who was able to balance his mistakes against a Rublev who tried the rest. As in the first, the second set was also played as a tie-break, with Frances coming big again in the deciding moments, Rublev paying for the frustration by slapping his racquet to the leg. The American signed a perfect tie-break leaving Andrey no choice.

Already in front of a collapsed Rublev, Tiafoe took the first break of the whole game, just a step away from signing the most important victory of his entire career. Like a wall in the net, Frances confirmed the break despite Andrey struggling against her. No one could stop a Tiafoe destined to win due to his high level against a self-angry Rublev who cannot overcome this barrier to the semi-finals of a Grand Slam.

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