Tim Ryan is distancing himself from the National Democratic Party in a tight Ohio Senate race

Tim Ryan is distancing himself from the National Democratic Party in a tight Ohio Senate race


Ohio Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Tim Ryan on Thursday he said he didn’t want help from his national party, telling “CNN This Morning” he “really doesn’t want them at this point.”

“You know, the national Democratic Party has never been really good at making strategic policy decisions. So, you know, no surprise here, and thank God I have enough experience to build this campaign without needing them and we really don’t want them at this point. We’re going to do this thing with all the people we have here,” said Ryan, who is running against Donald Trump ally JD Vance in a tight race.

The comments from Ryan underscore his efforts to present himself as a more moderate candidate and distance himself from the national Democratic Party, including President Joe Biden, whose approval ratings are falling. With presidential terms just around the corner, Biden and former President Barack Obama have descended on swing states, but none have come up in Ohio.

Ryan is in a unique position as a Democrat in Ohio, a former state that has been increasingly leaning Republican in recent years. In 2020, Biden became the first candidate in 60 years to win the White House without winning a state.

“If they don’t realize that we have a real chance to win this thing and we’re going to shock the world, then that’s on them, not me,” Ryan told CNN.

Ryan made it courting Republican voters an integral part of his campaign in an effort to win. He touted himself as a centrist Democrat on the campaign trail, noting that while he fought against Trump, he also stood with him on trade, building a space force and fighting China.

He has also run ads criticizing his party, suggested that Biden should not run for re-electionheld a town hall with Fox News and — in recognition of Ohio’s recent shift to the right — emphasized the need for Democrats to win over Trump voters.

“People are tired of hate, tired of anger, tired of fear, tired of division, but you need leaders who can walk into an environment like Fox News, as a Democrat, and say ‘Look, we’ve got to love each other. We have to take care of each other. We need forgiveness, we need reconciliation.’ … It starts with leaders going into those environments and saying, ‘I understand you have concerns, let’s talk about them,’” Ryan said Thursday.

He added that he believes he has been able to win some support from Republicans by talking about issues voters care about, such as manufacturing and the natural gas industry.

“We have so many double Trump voters who are not for the rebels and not for all the craziness and craziness. But they vote for me because I speak about the pocketbook issues they care about,” he said.

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