Toluca, marked by VAR arbitration controversies against America, Chivas and Cruz Azul

Toluca, marked by VAR arbitration controversies against America, Chivas and Cruz Azul

Before the so-called ‘big’ clubs, Toluca were embroiled in refereeing controversies which had to be looked into by VAR

MEXICO — Matches played Toluca in the Opening 2022 contra America, Chivas there Blue Cross They were accompanied by refereeing controversies, decisions that were made by the VAR, all of which benefited the Scarlet team. However, later, through the Arbitration Commission, it was notified that the whistlers of the duels in front of the Eagles there The machine they were wrong

D3 America 1-0 Toluca

Adonai Escobedowhistler of the match which took place at the Azteca stadium, went to VAR in added time of the first half to review the game in which Alvaro Fidalgo He had scored a goal. The whistle decided to cancel it, after Henry Martín, who was not in his place, obstructed the vision of Tiago Volpi. In the end, the decision did not cost, because the Eagles prevailed on the score of Richard Sánchez in the last action of the match.

Armando Archundia, president of the Refereeing Commission, gave a press conference on July 19, six days after that match, in which he explained that Álvaro Fidalgo’s goal had been wrongly disallowed. “Fidalgo’s goal must have counted,” he admitted on this occasion.

D8 Cruz Azul 2-3 Toluca

The clash between Blue Cross there Toluca in the Azteca stadium closed with controversy before the decisions of Fernando Hernandez. The match reached minute 88 with 2-2 on the scoreboard, but VAR appeared to send off Sebastien Jurado and impose a penalty in favor of Toluca, after the goalkeeper came out to cut a corner, but fell on Haret Ortega’s leg. The Scarlet team took advantage of this situation to win the game thanks to Camilo Sanvezzo’s goal.

Blue Cross protested against the work of Fernando Hernandez before the Disciplinary Commissionwhich reported that the Machine’s appeal for the expulsion of Sebastián Jurado had continued, for which the red guard would be removed.

“It should be mentioned that the request of the Cruz Azul Club for the expulsion of the player Sebastián Jurado Roca has been pursued, so that the footballer will be able to participate with his club the next day,” reads the disciplinary report of the eighth date.

J12 Toluca 0-0 Chivas

The most recent situation occurred last Sunday on the grounds of Nemesio Diez contra Chivas. The match ended scoreless, but that could have changed with a penalty originally awarded Caesar Arturo Ramos Palazuelos in the 80′, after a push from Valber Huerta on Jesús Orozco. However, after the whistleblower reviewed the action on the VAR screen, he elected not to impose the maximum penalty in favor of the Chivas.

The controversy was revived at 88′, when the whistle canceled a goal from Christian Calderon not in his place. This action has not been reviewed by Caesar Arturo Ramos Palazuelos only put his hand on his blindfold to listen to the instructions and stood by his decision.

So far there is no official position from the Arbitration Commission on the work of César Arturo Ramos Palazuelos in the duel between Toluca there Chivas.

He must play against the Pumas

Toluca has already faced America, Chivas there Blue Crossbut he still has to play against cougars to close their commitments against the greats of the Apertura 2022. The Scarlets will measure the Tigers this Wednesday, September 7, and it will be on Saturday, September 10, when they finally meet the UNAM team.

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