Tribute to a generation | Breakpoint

Tribute to a generation | Breakpoint

Yes, it’s true, Roger Federer he is retiring and it is and should be his day. But in tennis, as in life, you need others to achieve the goals you set for yourself. For this reason, Federer is what he is thanks to the performance of others, which Novak Djokovic already said yesterday. The Serb credited his two GOAT competitors for always beating him early in his career, making him the player he is today.

Of course, Federer transcended many eras, but here we will focus on the one that still exists today, as well as the most important players. Many of these athletes could have won more if the Big Three had not existed, and it is common to hear this: “I’m happy with what I did, I reached a second week of Grand Slam with the Big Three” or, “I won my title by defeating one of these three legends, which makes my result even higher”.

great competitors

These common phrases among this group of mortals cannot be taken as self-justifying phrases. I don’t think that’s the candidates’ intention, let alone, but it does reveal the difficulty of the time he had to live.

Truly, these are the fighters who make tennis possible, proving their worth against the odds, shattering the stats and upsetting their superiors. He will certainly be missed: John Isner, Gaël Monfils, Richard Gasquet, Kei Nishikori, Marin Cilic, Grigor Dimitrov, Stanislas Wawrinka, David Goffin, Fabio Fognini or even Milos Raonic.

All of these tennis players (and many more that I can leave behind) have been great rivals with their strengths and weaknesses, but held up at all times and for many years as long as injuries didn’t stop them. did not prevent them from continuing to play with some regularity. (as in the Canadian case). Many of them have beaten the best on their favorite surfaces, winning Masters 1000 titles. Others, as in the case of Wawrinka or Cilic, have won Grand Slam tournaments with magnificent tennis, especially in the case of the Swiss (forgive me for walking a little biased in this assessment).

What would the world of tennis be without these names that have been with us for more than 12 years? Are those who come, perhaps, more charismatic? Will we be able to see something similar, not only in the Big Three, but in the duels, for example, between Nishikori and Monfils (I remember a spectacular battle that the Frenchman won on his way back from a match he had lost) or even incredible matches between the talented Fabio Fognini and Rafael Nadal, like at the US Open or in the semi-finals in Monte Carlo? (pardon me for quoting two where the Italian won, let him be the protagonist of this writing).

The Super League

Imagine they want to do a competition like tennis super league for a whole year, a protected ranking only for the top 10-20. This would clearly be unfair, since the greats, if they are, it is because they are always able to beat rivals who, in principle, seem worse than you. These surprises that we love to see so much are the key to this sport. Terrific and incomparable players in one of the most powerful generations in the history of our sport. A generation that is beginning to fade, but will be remembered for their actions.

Although the light makes them darker and darker, we will remember them from the perspective of the eternal (In the form of eternity).

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