Trump mocks Ron DeSantis at Pennsylvania rally full of lies – Rolling Stone

Trump mocks Ron DeSantis at Pennsylvania rally full of lies – Rolling Stone

Donald Trump there is a new nickname for a potential 2024 rival Ron DeSantis. The former president christened Florida Gov. Ron DeSanctimonious on Saturday during a stop in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, as part of a blitz rally on behalf of Republicans ahead of the midterm elections.

Afterwards teasing the announcement of his candidacy for 2024 during a rally in Iowa on Thursday and lobbying DeSantis on Saturday, Trump is scheduled to appear in Miami, Fla., on Sunday for a rally on DeSantis’ home turf — an event where Gov. not specially invited. Trump instead reached out to Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Both DeSantis and Trump were on the road helping deliver final messages to Republican candidates on Tuesday’s midterm ballot. Far-right gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastiano — who is Gab on the payroll and said women who have abortions should be charged with murder — is struggling to overcome unfavorable polls in the final moments of the campaign season. Mastirano appeared next to Trump at Saturday’s rally, cheered by an adoring crowd that chanted “Vote for Doug!” when he left the scene. In August, DeSantis touted his accomplishments to a crowd in Pittsburgh it is hardly mentioned from Mastirant or Trump.

“DeSanctimonious” might just be the perfect moniker for the Florida governor, whose campaign is now producing ads describing him as God’s gift to mankind on the eighth day. We couldn’t believe it either:

None of this kind of attitude is new. DeSantis has borrowed much of his recent policy playbook from the former president, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Trump. Sources previously listed at The rolling stone that Trump family members believed DeSantis was “theft” everything from hand gestures, to rhetoric, to plans to orchestrate stunts – like they ship unsuspecting migrants to wealthy liberal strongholds like Matha’s Vineyard.

The series of hesitations speaks to the tension between the two biggest giants of GOP politics. The rolling stone reported in June that Trump had discussed the idea of ​​announcing his candidacy in Florida in 2024. stick it to DeSantis. It’s unclear whether he will follow through on the plan, though it was widely reported on Friday that Trump’s team circulates the week after the final electionon November 14, to be exact, to make his third campaign for the White House official.

The rest of Trump’s speech at the rally on Saturday was mostly devotional repeating false claims that the 2020 election was fraudulently stolen from him. In the days before Americans go to the polls, the former president seems as committed to reigniting controversy and doubt about the vote as he is to helping Republicans flip Congress. At one point, Trump cited a debunked conspiracy film 2000 Mules as proof that “illegal insertion of ballots” was used to rob him of the presidency.

“They put her in jail, they put her in jail,” Trump complained of Catherine Engelbrecht, an election conspiracy theorist featured in 2000 Mules who is recently in prison for contempt of court. “What a shame. Our country is going to hell in many different ways.”

Trump’s Sunday night rally in Florida will be the penultimate stop on his tour, which will conclude Monday in Dayton, Ohio. Trump’s presidential announcement will reportedly be followed by another series of rallies next week.

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