Trump’s Iowa rally calls on supporters to be pollsters – Rolling Stone

Trump’s Iowa rally calls on supporters to be pollsters – Rolling Stone

Donald Trump encouraged supporters to take “election integrity” into their own hands by filling the polls during a campaign rally Thursday night in Sioux City, Iowa. The former president was in Iowa to support Sen. Chuck Grassley and Gov. Kim Reynoldswho are both running for re-election on Tuesday.

“We need a landslide so big that the radical left can’t rig it or steal it!” Trump told the crowd. “If you care about election integrity, volunteer as an election worker, poll watcher or poll challenger,” Trump said. “We need you!”

Poll challengers are election observers who have the ability to challenge whether or not it is the individual does have the right to vote. The specifics of the practice vary from country to country. Ahead of the midterm elections, there were reports of poll watchers voter intimidation at early voting places and ballot boxes. Election workers and administrators faced an avalanche of harassment from conspiracy theorists after the 2020 election. preparing for contentious days ahead, with expectations that many election watchers are motivated by conspiracies about a Trump loss in 2020.

Trump’s pre-campaign rally is part of a blitz aimed at giving Republicans a last-ditch push for an election where they hope to retake both houses of Congress. The former president couldn’t resist teasing that he’s “very, very, very likely” to run for president again in 2024 and that he expects an announcement “very soon.”

Trump also brought his usual list of grievances and wake-ups to Iowa. He complained that earlier that afternoon, New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron granted Attorney General Leititia James’ request to subpoena the Trump Organization court supervisor while James’s civil fraud case there is a court case against the former president and three of his children.

“Just moments ago a radical left-wing judge in New York, who is completely controlled by my worst enemies in the Democratic Party, began an asset confiscation process similar to Venezuela, Cuba and the old Soviet Union.” Trump complained, calling James an “out-of-control attorney general” and likening the case against him to “communism.”

Trump’s appearance preceded a series of speeches, including those from Senator Grassley and Governor Reynolds. Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene also spoke, mentioning Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who recently attacked by an intruder at his home in San Francisco. “The only crime victim you hear about from Democrats and the media is Paul Pelosi,” Greene said. “Paul Pelosi should have been a gun owner and shot his attacker.”

Americans will vote on Tuesday, November 8. Both Grassley and Reynolds are favored to win the general election and retain office.

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