Trump’s latest dinner guest: Nick Fuentes, a white supremacist

Trump’s latest dinner guest: Nick Fuentes, a white supremacist

In a statement that did not name Mr. Trump but was issued in response to the Fuentes dinner, Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, said: “We strongly condemn the virulent anti-Semitism of Kanye West and Nick Fuentes and call on all political leaders to reject their hateful messages and refuse to meet with them.”

Jonathan Greenblatt, executive director of the Anti-Defamation League, condemned Mr Trump’s meeting with Mr Fuentes.

“Nick Fuentes is among the most prominent and unapologetic anti-Semites in the country,” Mr. Greenblatt in a short interview. “He is a vicious bigot and a known holocaust denier who has been condemned by leading figures of both political parties here, including the RJC”

Mr. Greenblatt added that it was a terrible idea that Mr. Trump “or any serious candidate for higher office would meet with him and validate him by sharing a meal and hanging out. And really, you can’t say you’re against hate and break bread with haters. It’s that simple.”

Mr. Fuentes, who attended a bloody far-right rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017, is best known for leading a white nationalist youth organization known as America First, whose supporters call themselves groypers, or the Groyper Army. After Mr. Trump’s defeat in 2020, Mr. Fuentes and groypers have been involved in a series of public events supporting the former president.

At the so-called “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington in November 2020, Mr. Fuentes he called his followers to “invade every state capital until January 20, 2021, until President Trump is inaugurated for another four years.” The following month, at a similar event, Mr. Fuentes led the crowd in chants of “Destroy the GOP” and urged people not to vote in the January 2021 Georgia Senate runoff.

On January 6, 2021 Fuentes led a large group of gropers to the Capitol where they gathered outside in support of Mr. Trump. The next day, Mr Fuentes tweeted that the attack on the Capitol was “awesome and I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t”.

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