Tsunoda will face the Italian GP with a ten position penalty

Tsunoda will face the Italian GP with a ten position penalty

The Japanese pilot received a reprimand in Zandvoort

Accumulate five reprimands, so you will have a sanction

Yuki Tsunoda, after the reprimand he received during the 2022 F1 Dutch GP, will face the Italian Grand Prix with a ten-position grid penalty on Sunday.

The Japanese starred in one of the weirdest moments at Zandvoort: first, believing he had an incorrectly adjusted tire, he stopped on the track, but was able to resume driving and return to the Pit- Lane; Later, he returned to the track and the team asked him to stop his car when he detected a problem.

After this first stop on the track, Yuki was ready to get out of the car and loosened his seat belts… but finally he was able to return to the Pit-Lane and he did it with the seat belts not completely buckled. The FIA ​​took notice and afterwards there was a reprimand.

“The driver admitted that after stopping on the track, he was ready to get out of the car and began to loosen his seat belt. After that, he returned to the pits, where the mechanics buckled again the belts. It is not possible to determine exactly when the pilot had loosened the belt”, they communicated from the Federation.

Zandvoort’s reprimand was Yuki Tsunoda’s fifth of the season and, under current regulations, accumulating five – four of which are driving-related – means receiving a ten-place grid penalty at the next Grand Prix.

Last year’s rule was less permissive, since it sanctioned the three reprimands, but for this season a modification has been made. In other words, Tsunoda could have been “punished” sooner if the rules had not been changed.

It must be said that the Faenza-based AlphaTauri team will be racing at home in the Italian GP – although their base is closer to Imola. The first disappointment has already been taken in the form of punishment for Tsunoda.

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