US brokers: There is a sense of fear about America’s future – and we should all worry | US News

US brokers: There is a sense of fear about America’s future – and we should all worry | US News

US midterm elections do not normally attract us. Wake us up when you elect another president.

But it should, and for the wrong reasons. Anyone who has handled some of them knows that these years are very different.

The mood is dark in America. There is a sense of dread about the future. And if Americans are scared, we should be too. The reverse Vegas rule applies here. What happens in America doesn’t stay in America.

Those who thought Donald Trump years that were aberrations are shocked. Check out the candidates.

Almost 300 of them were supported by Trump. Two hundred of them peddled his anti-democratic lie that he won the last election or that their results were seriously flawed.

Some are Q Anon supporters, subscribing to a movement that believes the American government is run by a co-op of pedophiles.

Donald Trump did he expects to announce his candidacy soon after these appointments. Looking at the polls, his second coming is looking increasingly likely, with all it means for the world we live in.

An atmosphere of fear

The atmosphere in the election campaign is one of fear, among voters who tell you that this great country, an ally and an inspiration to the entire free world, is, to put it bluntly, on the brink.

It is not just the fear of the other side winning. It’s more powerful, more visceral than that.

Democrats fear that American democracy will be overthrown. People who claim that the electoral system is rigged are running for key positions that will give them power over the system. And Democrats fear that next time they will use that power to swing votes in their favor.

A president who we now know seriously considered seizing the voting machines and tried to bully officials to overturn the outcome of a free and fair election could be the favorite to win back the White House next time around.

Think about it.

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Could the ‘red wave’ hit New York?

America is falling apart

If he doesn’t get it right next time, he’ll now have allies in governors or state officials who could help him do it in other ways, if they win as seems likely in this week’s election.

But Republican voters are just as passionate about fearing that the country will be led in the wrong direction by elites who are oblivious to how much the average American is hurting.

Voters of all colors fear recession, inflation, crime and rising costs and see the government not doing enough to help.

But fear is more existential than that. America, the country and the idea, voters will tell you, is threatened and falling apart.

Americans have stopped doing what they have always done best, talking to themselves and listening. They retreated to opposing camps, getting lost in echo chambers on the left and right.

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How a lie swallowed up a nation

‘It’s on the brink of disaster’

One New York City mother summed it up this way: “It’s divided, it’s angry, it’s hostile and it’s corrupt, and it’s on the verge of disaster, I think.

“I think it’s incredibly disheartening. People believe what they want and there’s no changing their minds, and I don’t know how we’re ever going to come back from that either.”

She wasn’t a conspiracy theorist, just a middle-class mom buying pizza for her kids.

Visit the US today and your friends will tell you they believe violence or unrest is on the way.

Reasonable people with a sober mind speak with complete honesty about showdowns, riots, and even civil war.

In better days, midterm elections were a carnival of democracy.

From the highest governor to the town dog catcher, people get to choose who leads their lives in a system they’ve been told since childhood is the best form of government the world has ever known.

But this time there is no sense of celebration.

The mood turned sour. Rooted in polarized corners, Americans are suspicious of each other’s intentions and full of foreboding about what’s to come. All of that should worry us.

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