US Open 2022: Badosa and Swiatek fight for men and women to use the same balls at the US Open

US Open 2022: Badosa and Swiatek fight for men and women to use the same balls at the US Open

LThe Polish guy Each Swiateknumber one in the world ranking, reiterated on Friday that she did not feel comfortable with the balls used at the US Open on the Women’s Tourlamenting that they are too lightand promised to continue fighting alongside the Spaniards Paula Badosa for them to change.

“Paula and I will stick to what we said, we’ll try to explain it. In Cincinnati I said whatever I wanted, I don’t like balls, but I’m here to compete and we all have the same conditions. We have to adapt,” Swiatek said on the eve of the start of the US Open, scheduled for August 29.

“It’s different for every player, but I’ve already said what I want. The bullets, after a few hits, become lighter and lighter.”continued the Polish player who, like Badosa, regrets that the balls of the US Open women’s circuit are lighter and more difficult to control compared to those of the ATP circuit.

“But I don’t want to focus too much on that now, that’s what we have to do. We can talk about the balls, but we have to adapt,” he said.

The US Open is the only “big one” in which different balls are used between the men’s tour, the ATP, and the women’s tour, the WTA.with heavier balls for male players and lighter balls for female players.

This problem is not new and several players, including Swiatek and Badosa, discussed the possibility of changing them last year to WTA. Added to this was the fact that, until last year, the balls were of different brands in different tournaments.

In Washington they competed with Penn balls, in Toronto with Wilson, in Cincinnati with Penn, and at the US Open with Wilson. This type of change also created problems for players, according to Swiatek in Cincinnati.

He acknowledged that while he enjoys competing at the US Open, New York is not a city he would like to live in every day. “I wouldn’t like to live in New York, I’m a person who needs a quieter environment. It’s not my favorite place, but the tournament is fantastic, it has a different atmosphere, incomparable with other events,” he said.

He also mentioned the beneficial initiative in which he participated last Wednesday with the Spaniards Rafael Nadal to raise funds and help Ukraine. “I wouldn’t even imagine playing with Nadal, the whole event was fantastic, it was very good to raise so much money, I’m happy to have taken part in this initiative,” he said.

He expressed his respect for Serena Williams, who is likely heading to the last US Open of her career, and admitted it was still “surreal” to see her on tour.

“It teaches you how to use your number one position, to try to instill fear in your rivals. I don’t know how it works for me, maybe we will find out in a few months or next season.” he declared.

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