US Open 2022: Mery Perell, wife of Rafa Nadal, admitted to a clinic in Palma

US Open 2022: Mery Perell, wife of Rafa Nadal, admitted to a clinic in Palma

Mery Perellwife of a tennis player Rafael Nadalis admitted to a private clinic in Palma and, according to the Mallorca newspapercould be subject to operation in the next few hours on the recommendation of their doctors. The young woman, 33, is 31 weeks pregnant. The couple are expecting their son in October.

Mery, who married the 22-time Grand Slam champion three years ago, has been hospitalized since Monday and is surrounded by her family at the clinic. Maribel Nadal, sister of the tennis player and great friend of Perell, was also spotted. Whereas, Rafa Nadal is in New York awaiting the US Open draw on Thursday. It is not known if these events could change their plans. Specifically, Rafa plans to be in the charity matches for Ukraine today as part of the ‘Tennis Plays for Peace’ initiative.

After winning the last Roland Garros, Nadal, 36, confessed that his wife was pregnant. The couple married on October 19, 2019. Rafa has never made a secret of his plans to start a family and in 2020 he opened up about his hypothetical children and what he would like them to do: “I would like them to do sports, whatever they want. I think there are sports, not all of them obviously, that help to grow with appropriate values ​​of camaraderie, effort, respect., and I think it is a good educational model for young people. I mean, yes, I would.”

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