US Open 2022: Serena Williams, a revolutionary who transformed the game | Sports

US Open 2022: Serena Williams, a revolutionary who transformed the game | Sports

I come to this edition of the US Open with the same hectic atmosphere as before the pandemic in New York, after tourists and foreign spectators were unable to attend last year.

The Spanish fans have two weeks of indisputable attraction ahead of us. Paula Badosa, Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael, without harming any of the other Spanish players, are our main assets. We know that the Catalan and Murcian tennis player can choose to win his first Grand Slam title. And, in the case of my nephew, he can opt for his twenty-third major title, a considerable departure from his immediate pursuer, Novak Djokovic, and also opt to be the player in history who reaches number one with the greater age.

However, there is one fact that, whatever happens on the days of the men’s and women’s grand finals, will mark the US Open 2022 as it has marked the history of the sport: Serena Williams’ farewell from the world of tennis.

The career of this brilliant American athlete has been one of the most successful and longest in our sport. He won his first Grand Slam tournament in 1999 (the US Open) and his last (the Australian Open) in 2017, twenty-three in total.

Serena has been, without a doubt, the most decisive player of the past 18 years. The emergence of the two Williams sisters (with less voluminous results in the case of Venus) meant a radical change in the way of approaching the game on the women’s circuit. It was these two who upset a way of playing and the world number 1 tennis player at that time, Martina Hingis, with unheard of uses.

The Swiss player aroused in me great admiration for her intelligence on the pitch and for her tactical and creative ability to develop points in a way that only the best could. And yet she was unable to meet and resist the great power and rapidity of the blows of the Americans.

Serena didn’t possess great technical quality or great finesse in execution but, even so, she almost always proved unstoppable to the rest of the players.

Since ceasing to be the enduring leader of the ranking, there doesn’t seem to be a tennis player with enough stability to stay in the top spot. Rather, we have witnessed an alternation of different names that have not yet established themselves in the highest circle. If a change does not come soon, in this sense, it will also close an era when names such as Sharapova, Azarenka, Klijsters or Henin, to name a few of the more recent ones, owned a solid and of a permanence. who have made them very media and much admired personalities.

The images of this last match that Serena will play one of these days in the impressive Arthur Ashe will go around the world and will deeply move the many followers that this great tennis player has in the United States and in the rest of the world. And it will also leave the tennis world in general with an understandable orphan feeling. I believe that an era is closing and that we will feel a hole which, inevitably, will be filled by the names of the successive winners of the next Grand Slams.

However, where they will hardly replace Serena is her ability to write one of the greatest ledger tomes in tennis history.

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