US Open 2022: The 10 things you don’t know about Carlos Alcaraz: ice baths to recover, naps, world number two…

US Open 2022: The 10 things you don’t know about Carlos Alcaraz: ice baths to recover, naps, world number two…

Carlos Alcaraz He has become this year the great sensation of Spanish and world tennis. The Murcian, at 19 years and 127 days old, has carved out a place for himself among the greats of racket sport with his five professional titles and his first Grand Slam semi-final.

Ice baths to recover. The tennis player, after every game, especially if it is as hard as Jannik Sinner’s, which lasted more than 5 hours, takes ice baths in Arthur Ashe’s locker room. This speeds up muscle recovery.

Go to bed early in the morning. After beating Sinner in the quarter-finals, he started a time trial to be physically ready for today’s semi-final with Frances Tiafoe. The tennis player went to bed at 6:15 a.m. Thursday, after being treated by his physiotherapist Juanjo Moreno, and slept until 1 p.m. He ate, took a nap and walked around Central Park with his team members.

Sushi, the day before matches. Carlitos has never had a problem with food, but he likes to stick to Japanese food before games. “I was never a boy who ate badly. What I improved was supplementation, being more aware of the importance of eating well. This has been one of the keys to my physical change .” Yesterday, he went to a Japanese downtown Manhattan to not fail in his tradition.

Four years with Juan Carlos Ferrero. It marks the fourth season of partnership between the former world number one and the promise of El Palmar. Ferrero, having taught Alexander Zverev, was delighted to mold a promising youngster like Carlos and help him on the difficult path to breaking into the top flight.

The connection between the two was demonstrated when Ferrero, after the loss of his father, unexpectedly showed up to support his player in his first Masters 1000 final in Miami, which he eventually won.

Madridista like Nadal. Alcaraz, like Nadal, is a huge football fan and his colors are clear. He is a fan of Madrid, as of his environment since Ferrero is also a fan of the team from the Spanish capital. Coinciding with the last edition of the Mutua Madrid Open, he had the opportunity to be at the new Santiago Bernabu twice and celebrate the last league title on the pitch with the white players. Later, he took part in the Champions League final in Paris when it coincided with the Roland Garros tournament.

I inherited the Ferrero house. The Murcian, who lived for three years during the week at the Equelite Academy in Villena, inherited before leaving for Indian Wells the 90 square meter house in which his coach Ferrero lived when he reached the pinnacle of tennis in 2003. In the center, the new US Open semi-finalist spends most of his time with Carreo and his coach, Samuel López, with whom he now also coincides on the ATP Tour.

Golf after tennis. His coach’s interest in golf made Carlos hit clubs easily. Thus, he looks like Nadal, another great follower who takes advantage of much of his free time to play.

Chess and siesta to prepare for matches. The Murcian likes to work on mental agility through chess. He usually plays games before his engagements. “It helps me to be faster mentally, to observe the movements, to see the movement you want to make, the strategy… To be focused all the time. In this aspect, they are two quite similar disciplines”. The nap is just as important. “Recovery is key and naps before games are for me.”

The biggest team on the circuit. Behind a phenomenon like the player from El Palmar there is a great team with Ferrero, his agent at IMG Albert Molina, physiotherapists Juanjo Moreno, Sergio Hernández and Fran Rubio, doctor Juanjo López, physical trainers lex Sánchez and Alberto Lled , the psychologist Isabel Balaguer and an Equelite Academy that rotates every day to give you all the facilities. Antonio Martínez Cascales, Ferrero’s mentor, accompanied him in some tournaments like Rio and Umag.

Virtual world number two in both rankings. Alcaraz, thanks to its 49 victories this season, has slipped onto the ATP podium both in the traditional classification and in Race. In front of him appears only his compatriot Nadal. The difference between the Balearics and the Murcians is 350 points in one and 630 points in the other, which is the ticket to the Turn Masters where both have their participation guaranteed. The Murcian has the option of leaving New York as the leader of the ATP. This will be the case if he reaches the final and Casper Ruud is not his rival or if he wins the title, which would be his first major.

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