Vaccination after recovery from COVID-19

Vaccination after recovery from COVID-19

Kirk Herbstreit, right, revealed he was diagnosed with blood clots in his ankle and lungs back in April 2021.AP

Kirkstreit has been loaded with Spike protein at least three times and may continue to take more of the thrombogenic protein every six months if it’s ramping up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he also has a hereditary genetic trait that predisposes him to the formation of blood clots. I am concerned that in my practice large blood clots like the one he has don’t go away quickly with conventional blood thinners.

In addition, undertakers report tubular rubbery blood clots in the form of casts of major blood vessels that obstruct the flow of injected embalming fluid. Therefore, the quality and size of the clot is a concern. Reports indicate that the Spike protein is found within clots and is amyloidogenic, meaning that the Spike protein folds and encourages complexes of clotting material to organize into a solid form that is resistant to the body’s natural thrombolytic system.[iv] Here’s hoping for Kirkstreit that his clot isn’t permanent. His doctors should recognize the connection and completely free him from more ill-advised vaccinations.

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