Verstappen pullout ended Leclerc’s run at Belgian GP

Verstappen pullout ended Leclerc’s run at Belgian GP

Verstappen… the culprit? Charles Leclerc couldn’t have his best career in the Belgian Grand Prixbecause he was in fifth position and could not achieve the long-awaited comeback for Ferraribut from the start he was forced to stop on lap three.

And it is that the single-seater Leclerc smoked, and after an analysis and tire change, the team ensured that the to tear out (a protective sheet on the visor of F1 helmets) was the source of the problem, as it got stuck in the brake line.

This caused the airflow to the brake disc to be blocked, causing the tires to overheat, which on several occasions caused the riders to abandon the race.

These protectors cannot be differentiated from each other, but Ferraridoing an analysis in the onboard video, they were able to point out that it was from Max Verstappenwho participated in relaxation through touch between Lewis Hamilton there Fernando Alonso.

In reality, Max Verstappen he said he had to get rid of his tear because he couldn’t see anything. “It was a very hectic time, and there was also a lot of dirt. I pulled out my snatch as I could barely see due to the passage in the previous sector, like everyone was on grass or gravel, but we survived without damage.

Leclerc after the Belgian GP

And it is that Leclerc started behind the Dutchman, and the images while when Max drops its leaf, falls, of course involuntarily, on the tire of the Ferraricausing the problem.

“I hope it wasn’t mine, but there was a lot of stuff, honestly people, everyone was taking stuff away and it’s such a shame, to be honest, that this is happening,” said Max at, who told him what happened.

“You’re always scared of it happening, especially when they’re in the peloton because, above all, on a track like this, you take them away very quickly. It’s your worst nightmare for these things to happen, but yes, unfortunately, they do happen.


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