Verstappen sees no home advantage at Zandvoort

Verstappen sees no home advantage at Zandvoort

“It was already amazing to drive here last year,” Max Verstappen said at the press conference at Circuit Zandvoort on Thursday when asked what it was like to race at home as champion of the title world. “I’m looking forward to another great atmosphere and lots of orange along the track. I’m really looking forward to the weekend.”

According to the Dutch rider, the experience is not much different from a year ago. “The truth is, no,” he told his country’s press in the paddock, where he was also “I’m looking at this weekend the same way and trying to get the best result. It still remains to be seen where exactly you are, but after Spa I feel like we’re coming in with a good car. .”

Like last year, Verstappen will be a bit more out of the public eye at the Dutch Grand Prix than at other F1 races.

“No, I haven’t had a lot of stress,” said Verstappen, who last year won F1’s return to the country for the first time since 1985. “You know everyone expects what you win and it’s not always easy, but in the end you can only do your best, it’s the only thing you can control.

Nigel Mansell, the 1992 F1 world champion, used to say that racing in front of his home crowd was always worth half a second per lap, but Verstappen doesn’t see it that way.
“You don’t save time with that, unfortunately,” he said with a laugh during the press conference. “But it’s great, for example, to be in the club and see that there’s a big party outside.”

Later, speaking to Dutch media, he added: “Home or away, I don’t care. I don’t understand either why there is a home advantage in football. If you say as an away team before he starts then it’s I don’t believe in those things If you know what you gotta do it doesn’t matter where you are or what people are shouting in the bleachers. I don’t see any downside or upside to that. (Just) it’s nice to see more orange.”

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Has Red Bull improved on high downforce circuits?

Last weekend at Spa, Verstappen took a great victory after starting from 13th position. For Zandvoort, Red Bull and Ferrari should be a bit closer again.

“I think so,” Verstappen said of it. “Spa was fantastic for us and it was better than expected. The track seemed to suit our car very well. Here we are driving again with a lot of downforce on the car and generally less top speed. set-up, for sure we will be fast. It’s just a matter of how fast we compare to others.”

When it comes to high downforce circuits, Ferrari is often cited as the favourite. When Asked if Red Bull had taken a step forward at these tracks as well, given the team’s strong performance at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Verstappen replied: “At the Hungaroring, Ferrari continued to be very “Yes, we took a step forward on the downforce circuit, but overall Ferrari is still very strong when you look at pure downforce.”

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