Vettel and Italian authorities clash over Monza air show

Vettel and Italian authorities clash over Monza air show

Seb complained about the exhibition with military planes in Monza

Authorities say planes flew on 25% biofuel

Sebastian Vettel has criticized the flight of military planes during the Italian Grand Prix and the resulting trail of smoke in the colors of the Italian flag after the performance of the local anthem. The German thought this type of show was over, but Italian authorities claim 25% biofuel was used on the flight.

Earlier this year, Formula 1 decided to ban exhibitions with military aircraft which are held in many countries just before the start of the race. The sport hinted at environmental reasons and allowed only one exception: commercial and civilian aircraft can fly over the circuits as long as they use sustainable fuel.

Thus, Vettel, always critical on these issues, did not look favorably on the exhibition which took place last Sunday at Monza. The German charged against the acrobatics of the military plane ‘Frecce Tricolori’.

“I heard that the Italian president insisted. He’s about 100 years old, so you may find it hard to let go of this ego-related stuff. We were promised the flyovers were over, but it seems F1 has given up despite the goals we set for ourselves to make the world a better place,” Vettel told Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Giuseppe Radaelli, president of SIAS –Società Incremento Autodromo e Sport, the company in charge of managing the Monza circuit–, reminded Sebastian that the plane uses 25% sustainable fuel, a breakthrough in this type of flight.

“For the first time, planes flew with 25% biofuelan important experience also for civil aviation,” he told Italian newspaper Il Giornale.

The one who was much tougher with Vettel’s words was Automobile Club Milano president Geronimo La Russa. The Italian considers that Seb has created a “useless” controversy and even invites him to apologize to the President of Italy and to all the fans.

“I’m sorry that a former world champion, who also won his first Grand Prix at Monza, has created such a pointless controversy like this. All he has to do now is apologize to the president Sergio Mattarella and of all Italians. I was taught that the president is respected, especially if you are invited to a foreign country.“, pointed out La Russa to close.

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