Vettel says F1 went back on their word with Monza planes

Vettel says F1 went back on their word with Monza planes

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For many years during the Italian GP it was common to see exhibition flights with fighter type aircraft drawing the country’s flag in the sky. But as Formula 1 aspires to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, making such displays on the grid is banned this year.

However, this Sunday in Monza, the Frecce Tricolori (Italian Air Force aerobatic squadron) not only crossed the grid once before the race, but twice.

This had already happened this year on another Italian circuit, during the Emilia-Romagna GP. Sebastian Vettel thinks it was at the request of the Italian president, Sergio Mattarella.

Asked by if he thought Monza was a circuit F1 should keep on the calendar for the future, the four-time champion said yes, but took the opportunity to highlight those displays with planes.

“I hope so and that they stop doing these thefts,” he said.

“I heard that the president insists on making them. He’s about 100 years old [en realidad tiene 81 años de edad]so you might have a hard time letting go of that kind of ego stuff.”

“But yes, I think Monza should stay on the calendar. It’s a great circuit, there’s a great atmosphere.”

“But as I said, we were promised that the flights had been banned, and it looks like the president needs to change his mind and F1 is just giving in despite their banners and target messages. to make the world a better place.

“F1 must avoid being influenced. If you have a goal, you must not do like all countries and neglect the fact that you are not going to achieve it.”

“Then they should stick to the word they gave us. But time will tell.” has contacted F1 to find out who gave the green light to flights in Italy when they were banned.

In recent years Vettel has stepped up his campaign on environmental issues, although his criticism of Formula E has prompted accusations of “laundering” from Formula E driver and investor Lucas di Grassi.

Ahead of the Monza weekend, Vettel said he had had no discussions with di Grassi about their differing views, but was open to it.

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