Vettel still advising Aston Martin on his car for F1 2023

Vettel still advising Aston Martin on his car for F1 2023

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Sebastian Vettel announced at the end of last month that he would retire at the end of the season and, after scoring points at the Hungarian GP just after his announcement, he had a great race on Sunday to finish in eighth position at the Belgian GP.

The German is playing his last meetings in Formula 1, but he does not want this part of the championship to be a farewell, and remains more involved than ever. This was revealed by the director of Aston Martin, who praised his professionalism.

When asked if he had seen any change in Sebastian Vettel since the announcement of the withdrawal, Mike Krack replied: “Not at all. And I also had a long chat with him on Thursday to talk a bit about how he feels about it and all. his”.

“He doesn’t want to hear the word ‘farewell’. I saw a banner that said ‘Thank you Sebastien’ and they asked me if he was on a farewell tour now. And no, not at all. don’t see it as a farewell. We’ll say a little farewell.” at the end of the season, but until then we will give our all because we still have a bit of distance to close with some of the teams that are ahead. And we can’t end up in the position we are in now.”

When asked if Vettel is still interested in next year’s project car, which will be driven by Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso, Krack revealed another detail: “Yeah, yeah. And that’s where you can also see how professional he is and how committed he’s still there. In fact, at the meeting this Sunday he told us something like “for next year’s car, think -y please”. He is fully involved.”

The director doesn’t feel any sense of greater freedom or relief in the four-time champion: “No, I think when he’s riding there’s none of that…I think it’s more when they go to the airport, they’re sitting on planes, where they maybe think more about their family and all that, but I think when he’s in the car he’s completely focused.”


Vettel’s future plans are not yet known, although everything indicates that at least initially he will want to be close to his family and away from the circuits. On the possibility of giving him an ambassador role, Krack commented: “It’s very interesting. We haven’t talked about it, to be honest, because the announcement came just before the holidays, and I think that we need to give him time to think about that too. You need to make plans.

“It seems to me that before he does anything else he will also want to have some time off. So we haven’t talked about that.”

Moreover, Krack was grateful that Vettel didn’t delay his decision for 2023, which left plenty of room for the team to find a replacement: “It’s not his character, he’s a professional. And he will give everything until the last moment”. . So the first thing he said when he revealed to us that he was leaving her was that he would give it his all until the end. And we saw it on Sunday.”

Finally, he clarified that they could not yet start working with Alonso, because the Asturian pilot belongs to Alpine until the end of the route. On whether Alonso is also involved in the development of the 2023 car, he said: “Well, so far we have to clarify what we can do and what we can’t do. It’s a Alpine driver, and we are Aston Martin, and the contract starts early next year, so until then nothing is possible.

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