Video: The show of Carlos Alcaraz during the two weeks of the US Open: his ten impossible points

Video: The show of Carlos Alcaraz during the two weeks of the US Open: his ten impossible points

The last two weeks of Carlos Alcaraz in the U.S. Open They were the most magical of his entire professional career. The road to the double price (number 1 and first Grand Slam) was pleasant, for him and especially for the public of New York and the fans who followed him from home.

7 matches, 27 sets, 268 games and 23 hours and 51 minutes on the court – almost three more than Casper Ruud, his rival in the final. The passage of Carlos Alcaraz through the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center He gave a lot of himself, delivering some of the most spectacular plays of the year. Some, even, of all time.

It has been a series of unforgettable games. Since the debut against the Argentinian Sebastien Baez until the final against the Norwegian Ruud. It is the first “big” in the windows of Alcaraz and for this reason alone it is special. The way he achieved this takes him to another level of exception.

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Alcaraz, who already reached the quarter-finals of the US Open last year on his tournament debut, connected this edition with the public from the start. His repertoire of pieces leaves no one indifferent, capable of crushing strength and power and also leaving behind technical delicacy.

Carlos’ first three were a formality for him. bez, Federico Coria there Jenson Brooksby, in that order, fell without starting a set against the Spaniards. Alcaraz was far superior, dropping points like those two against Báez and Brooksby.

The real thing started with the Croatian Marin Cilic, in the round of 16. It was the first rival that pushed Alcaraz to the limit. Five sets and almost four hours of play at dawn. The battle against one of the veterans of the circuit was a delight.

Cilic came across as a very tough opponent to break and Alcaraz had to resort to their best shots. The great example of Spanish resilience is the first of the following videos. From back to front. Hold the beginning of the point to eventually take control and finish. There was also room for a drop of luxury.

And the match came Jannik Sinner: the great battle. Alcaraz knew this might be his toughest match of the tournament and it was. 5 hours and 15 minutes on the court to break the duel record which will end later at the US Open. For many, with the authorization of Nadal-Medvedev in the final of the australian openthe best meeting of the whole year.

Alcaraz and Sinner turn their duels into a tennis classic. If nothing else, it looks like the most promising rivalry for the next decade. It helps that both leave unbelievable dots. And for example, the best game of the tournament. This shot of Carlitos, in the air and crossing his arm behind his back, is already an image for history.

The semi-finals against Tiafoe they were almost as good as the match against Sinner. Alcaraz was measured against a physical beast, but he endured the battle. The encounter left a spectacular gallery of plays. Rarely has an individual performance been made up of so many actions at such a high level.

Winners, lobs, drop shots… Alcaraz did it all in the match that propelled him to the final against the US Open favourite. Tiafoe, the tournament revelation who knocked out Nadal, had no choice but to surrender to Carlos and smile at his points.

And finally, the finale. It was a four-set match, but it was perhaps the game in which Carlos suffered the most of the entire tournament. The second and third manga were a nightmare. Ruud didn’t let Alcaraz shine so bright, but Alcaraz’s magic showed up at the most opportune time.

Alcaraz’s big point of the match was with the one he dispatched the decisive game the third set, with 1-1 on aggregate. The Spaniard drove everyone crazy with one of his own. Then, in sudden death, he crushed his rival (7-1). It was the prelude to victory, the most notable success of the short and exciting career of this tennis player from El Palmar.

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