Videos | New snap from the National Classic shows the ball didn’t go in

Videos | New snap from the National Classic shows the ball didn’t go in

Monday, September 19, 2022

Two days have passed since the National Classic in the Aztec Stadium and one of the main problems of the azulcrema team was that the fans turned against him before the victory, mainly those of Chivas, who argued that the controversial goal that wasn’t actually counted was a goal, but it didn’t happen.

Everyone started calling it a ‘steal’ and it was that in the only image seen on social media at the time they mostly showed the ball being inside the goal but the line didn’t was not shown. In the end, it was clarified during a review that this had not been a goal and that’s where the talks started.

Was this a goal of Chivas?

However, they came back to show another shot in which the ball is seen to be saved by the goalkeeper of the american club, before he crosses the line, it even seems that the post is visible. Even so, there were those who started commenting on this video that there are times when the ball is seen going over the net.

Some Eagles fans have started to refute this second version where they clearly point out that it’s Memo’s glove when he tries to push himself from behind so he can save the ball. Although the pictures are clear, it is still not accepted with the pictures what really happened in the duel.

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