Viktor Troicki: “With Djokovic it would have been a little easier”

Viktor Troicki: “With Djokovic it would have been a little easier”

No, it won’t Novak Djokovic this week in Valencia, the most important defeat that Serbio could have in his team, although Viktor Troicki knows exactly how Davis Cup. Above all, he knows perfectly well that the classification is not everything and that, if we talk about level, he comes to La Fonteta with a fifth of height. During the welcome press conference last Monday, we heard the captain and some players analyze some interesting aspects that could happen these days.


“With Novak (Djokovic) there it would have all been a lot easier, he was there to help the team so many other times, to help win many games, but the future right now is in his hands. other young players, they need to prepare and take responsibility, get big wins for the team, these guys deserve to be in the team, in the future there will be many more qualifications where Novak won’t be able to be with us, so it’s the youngsters who have to give their best and bring their role to the team”.

“I want to congratulate Carlos on winning his first Grand Slam title and becoming the new world number one, the youngest ever to do so. It’s a huge achievement, really, a gigantic thing, but he really deserved it. He played good tennis this year, it’s phenomenal to see such a good and hardworking player achieve such a good result and at such a young age in his career. Of course, the match changes a lot depending on whether he plays it or not, but we’ll be ready for anything. If he’s in the squad on Wednesday, we have to be ready for it. If he doesn’t play, Spain have other options.”


“Novak couldn’t make the team this time, but he’s been with us in many games in the past. We know he would want to be here, he wants us to win and he will support us. his intention is to be with us in Malaga for the Final8, so we will try to give him that”.

“With Spain it will be difficult, we already know that from the start, starting with the fact that they start with the advantage of having a local audience. Obviously, all the players in the Spanish team are very good, so for that reason it will also be very difficult, but we also have good players and we have trained well, so hopefully we can start well.”


“The first time I played in a Davis Cup game was ten years ago, and it all happened in the blink of an eye, it was sudden. All the experience you get in this competition ends up defining you as a player, because it is never easy to play for your country, it has nothing to do with when you play for yourself, here you play for your teammates and , in general, for a whole nation. Coming from a place like Serbia, where people like to watch the national team and support us, you get that kind of experience that you don’t get in any other tournament.”

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