Voting machine problems in Arizona right-wing claims of fraud

Voting machine problems in Arizona right-wing claims of fraud

Voting machine problems in Arizona right-wing claims of fraud

Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona who has sown doubts about the integrity of the election, tried to strike a balance Tuesday between raising suspicions about Maricopa election officials — and her Democratic opponent, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs — and discouraging the turnout of her supporters at the polls.

“My message to the people of Arizona is don’t get out of line until you cast your vote,” Ms. Lake told reporters outside a downtown Arizona State University polling place. “Stay in line and vote, vote, vote – we must vote today.”

But Ms. Lake suggested, without providing evidence, that the problems may have been deliberately caused by Maricopa County officials.

“They may be trying to slow down the red tsunami, but it’s coming,” she said. With her election lawyer by her side, Ms. Lake said she had planned to vote in a conservative district but instead came to a polling place in a left-leaning part of Phoenix.

“We drove from a Republican area to vote and came into the heart of liberal Phoenix to vote because we wanted to make sure we had good machines and guess what? They didn’t have any problems with their machines today.”

She added: “This is incompetence – I hope it’s not malice – but we will fix this.”

One of the leading voices against the machines, MyPillow founder Michael J. Lindell, said Tuesday that the tab situation in Maricopa County “will be the big crime of the year when this all comes out. ” In an appearance on “War Room,” a podcast by Stephen K. Bannon, a former Trump adviser, he added, “We need to get rid of these machines immediately.”

So far this year, legal regulation was introduced in six states that would limit or outright ban the use of tabs — including six separate bills in Arizona, all of which failed to pass.

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