VW group in Formula 1, Audi OK, Porsche in the air

VW group in Formula 1, Audi OK, Porsche in the air

Since taking his seat in FOM from Liberty, Stefano Domenicali had as its transcendental objective the landing of the VW Group in Formula 1. And not with one, but two brands, the stars of its portfolio: Audi and Porsche.

The VW group in Formula 1, a reality

Rubbing eyes. After arduous and complex talks with the manufacturers already present, a new regulations who collected the essential petitions of both brands so as not to be scratched during the attempt.

The first was Audiwhich in Belgium has announced its entry into the helm of Alfa Romeo from 2023. That is, with its own equipment and its own power supply. All was ready for official Porsche announcement and its association with Red Bull. However, lately, the future of the The German brand in Formula 1 seems in danger to the turn of events, the outcome of which remains to be seen. It seems like Red Bull he has more than one girlfriend and he doesn’t want to give the keys to the house either.

porsche waiting

Abandonment of MGU-H (gas energy recovery), increase in electrification motors with MGU-K (kinetic energy), synthetic fuels. Along with the standardization of mechanical parts, but freedom to develop the electrical part, budget cap and concessions to new manufacturers to have more time on the test benches… 2026both brands will debut… Or not, in the case of Porsche.

Rumors swirling around his deal with Red Bull speak of a first deal with Dietrich Matéchistzshareholder of Red Bullto enter the Porsche in half of the capital of the team. Some rumors about his state of health suggest a possible intention to leave the Formula 1 team. But two factors would oppose the intentions of the boss, who initially led the negotiations.

Porsche and Red Bull, in negotiations… frustrated

On the one hand, the riot of Christian Horner, Helmut Marko and Adrian Newey not to lose control of the team. To put it in the hands of a maker with management dynamics and interests different from those of a team that stands out for its independence and idiosyncrasy that allows it to respond with flexibility to the hectic dynamics of Formula 1.

Secondly, Honda would reconsider its decision to abandon its collaboration with Red Bull. In fact, this year he’s closer than originally anticipated when his retirement was officially announced.

Nothing like having friends to make you jealous. “They have to decide whether they want to join us or not,” he recently explained. Horner“It should be our way of seeing the race. Red Bull has always been an independent team.”, assured. “That’s been one of our strengths, it’s been the backbone of what we’ve achieved and our ability to act quickly at all times. It’s part of the DNA of who we are.

VW group in Formula 1, Audi confirmed, Porsche in the air

Undoubtedly, the Briton won’t forget his team’s reliance on Renault and the French manufacturer’s involvement in Formula 1. According to Adrian Newey, desperate for the lack of competitiveness of its hybrid powertrains. Renault was more marketing conscious than the performance of its engines. Although at the time it was not a question of controlling the team by the shareholders, its sporting potential was determined by decisions made in other offices.

Red Bull, engine manufacturer

Red Bull powertrains

so that Red Bull decided to make a bold move in the face of Honda’s withdrawal: to become engine manufacturer. After successfully attracting a number of engineers from Mercedes and Renault, Red Bull launched Red Bull powertrainswhich in record time has a new factory and nearly three hundred employees.

Before the summer break, your technicians have already switched on the first experimental cylinder. From a strategic point of view, the maneuver is brilliant: Red Bull will not depend on any manufacturer, and whoever wishes to join their project must accept the conditions of those responsible.
“The engine project is, of course, a new and different challenge. And if there’s someone who wants to partner up to work on it, that would make sense. At the same time, the Formula 1 team is the greatest marketing asset in the world, so why risk it in the long term? capital of Red Bull with significant shareholder control.
Porsche wants to link Formula 1 to a winning structure. How and how, remains to be seen, but it’s already confirmed it won’t be from Red Bull’s hand.

Red Bull powertrain could have been key

Red Bull hybrid engine

And, of course, what will be the proposal of Hondawhich will not see with a good eye how it will give up to another rival manufacturer the place acquired these years in Formula 1. With two consecutive titles with Red Bull -although the latter is hidden- and a very stimulating technical plan in 2026 of from a technical point of view.
Porsche He has already resigned to enter Formula 1 after the scandal with the diesel scandal despite a prototype engine. Or renegotiate the position of Red Bull With a proposal that does not pass through the control of the team, as Horner and his partners defend, or he may have to forfeit his participation in 2026, what other option would he have?

McLaren has already rejected a control offer from Audi which, however, had to go to Alfa Romeo. But Audi will be in Formula 1 in 2026 and with control of the Sauber team, today Alfa Romeo, will Porsche be?
The next October 15 The deadline expires for manufacturers who participate from 2026 to sign their participation and vote on motorization regulatory issues. Everything indicates that the the ball is on the roof of Porsche. Continue to.

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