WARNING! What Alan Pulido is doing to return to Chivas

WARNING! What Alan Pulido is doing to return to Chivas

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The striker hid his desire to return to the team where he was champion and showed his best level in Mexican football.

What Pulido is doing to return to Chivas
© Imago7What Pulido is doing to return to Chivas

The departure of Alan Pulido from Chivas de Guadalajara almost three years ago was not overcome by the team, nor by the fans, who hold him in high regard for his contribution to the 2017 championship and also because he broke down all the barriers of mistrust that arose when he came and went to MLS through the front door in 2019.

Now the striker has in mind the possibility of returning to the sacred herd according to information from journalist Fernando Cevallos, since the shooter, who is currently recovering from a knee injury, has not renewed his contract with Sporting Kansas City and he only has one year left, so in 2023 he could be free.

“Alan Pulido’s wish is to return to Chivas, where he was Mx League champion, Cup, Concachampions and scoring champion. A year after the end of his contract, he has not yet renewed, so Sporting KC should negotiate it; otherwise, the next season might be free,” It was part of what the communicator commented on The Last Word of Fox Sports.

Pulido wants to return to Chivas

Despite the fact that the Gunner left by his own decision in MLS, it is a fact that he did not turn in his best performance, which cost him a place in the World Cup with the Habs. In this sense, he always expressed his desire to return to Guadalajara with everything and the lawsuit he filed against management due to the absence of a bonus during his transfer to Kansas City, which could be the only obstacle to his return to Perla Tapatia from where he left as a scoring champion.

Investigation Would you like Alan Pulido to return to Chivas?

Would you like Alan Pulido to return to Chivas?


“It’s difficult to try to analyze the future, I live day by day, I know perfectly well that football is moments and no possibility is excluded and doors are open to return to Mexico. I’ve always said, I would love to retire at Chivas in the future and of course I see all these types of comments. Right now, with social media, things come to you all the time,” Pulido told Fox Sports the day before.

Pulido played with the Flock from 2016 to 2019 with 117 games played, 41 goals, a goalscoring title and three championships between championship, cup and Concacaf under the orders of Matías Almeyda.

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