‘We couldn’t work’: Max Verstappen warned of car problems

‘We couldn’t work’: Max Verstappen warned of car problems

After an incredible performance at the Belgian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen he was unable to repeat the performance in the first practice session of the home race, the Dutch Grand Prix. The current world champion experienced breakdowns in his car during the first free practice and in FP2 he managed only the eighth fastest time. In this sense, the Dutch driver expects a quick recovery of the RB18 for the qualifying round on the Zandvoort circuit.

After being penalized at Spa-Francorchamps for using a new powertrain for the first time, Max Verstappen had failures in the RB18 in the first practice session of the Dutch Grand Prix. The reigning world champion suffered a gearbox failure in his car and missed the rest of practice at the Zandvoort circuit. In FP2, he only managed to get to eighth place and after practice he explained that he was struggling to find the balance of the car.

Verstappen had to leave the track in FP1 due to a car breakdown.

“I must have missed EP1 and I think with those few laps we did on the harder tyre, we couldn’t really work on the balance of the car because we had so little grip. So we got to EP2 and the balance wasn’t great. But in a one-hour session, the truth is that the car can’t be changed much. So we tried to complete the program with what we had. Obviously it wasn’t great today, but now we have time to study the data and of course we will try to be more competitive.”he said hopefully Max Verstappen.

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