We will get up early to see the Japanese GP already know who won the World Cup

We will get up early to see the Japanese GP already know who won the World Cup

Max Verstappen left the title almost seen from sentence with his dominant victory at Spa

If he extends his advantage by another 40 points for Singapore, he will already be world champion

Getting up early to see the Japanese Grand Prix is ​​always special and especially since for the past two years Formula 1 has been unable to get there due to covid-19. Of course, perhaps the long-awaited return to Suzuka will be more decaffeinated than expected, since the World Cup is most likely already decided or is seen to be doomed on those dates.

Japan will return to Formula 1 on the weekend of October 7-9, the first visit to Suzuka in post-COVID-19 pandemic life. The mythical Japanese track is very special, since its historical touch and the events experienced there in the past will be in the retina of all fans. Of course, in recent years this Grand Prix has been somewhat decaffeinated and in 2022 it may be even more so.

In the last three visits to Japan, Lewis Hamilton has left the World Cup in his sights against his then biggest rivals, Ferrari, who have not produced a brilliant performance at Suzuka since the days of Michael Schumacher. However, to see these races, we still got up early with some enthusiasm, because the title was not yet decided before the start.

In 2022, the points difference between Max Verstappen and Ferrari’s two men in the World Championship is greater than it was back then with Hamilton. After his victory in Belgium, the Dutchman is 98 points ahead of his main rival outside the team, Charles Leclerc.

With eight races to go, as Hamilton did in his time in Japan with four to go, Verstappen all but left the World Cup for a penalty. Red Bull have been incredibly brilliant since Imola and should they extend their lead over Leclerc a further 40 points and 25 over Carlos Sainz ahead of Suzuka, we will get up early to see this GP knowing that Max is double Formula 1 world champion.

Interestingly, there are three races left before reaching Japan, which will take place in Zandvoort, Monza and Singapore. In the previous three – France, Hungary and Belgium – Verstappen extended his World Cup advantage by 62 points over Leclerc and in the case of Sainz he “put” 39. Therefore, if this pattern is repeated in the course of the GPs, Max would already be world champion after the night race at Marina Bay.

We can also see something similar in 2011, where Sebastian Vettel mathematically certified his second title with a third place in a race in which he did not risk much. Likewise, what should be noted is that the early morning to see the Japanese GP will be much less interesting than expected a few months ago, because Verstappen and Red Bull look unstoppable from Imola.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this Japanese GP is Mercedes, who have won the last five races at Suzuka, a circuit that has suited their car very well. Como ya se vio en Silverstone, las flechas platadas van muy bien en los circuitos de curva rápida en los que hay que usar mucho neumático delantero, por lo que quizá muchos aficionados suyos levanten ilusionados con ganas de ver la ‘primera’ victoria de su crew.

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