What are the prospects for the big four in the final stretch of Apertura 2022?

What are the prospects for the big four in the final stretch of Apertura 2022?

America and Chivas depend on each other to reach the finals or even avoid the playoffs; while La Maquina and Pumas have little room for error

The so-called big four of Mexican football will fight to have a good fence in the Opening 2022in which each will seek to reach the final stage of the fair, although with different scenarios because America there Chivas will try to maintain a good pace to continue in the qualifying zone, while cougars there Blue Cross they will have to resurface if they want to at least achieve reclassification.

Below is an overview of these teams for the rest of the regular phase of the Opening 2022.


The Eagles will have one of their toughest games left next weekend, when they face the Tigers, who are in the fight for the top spots in the general classification and will fight to get back to winning ways, after having went three games without a win.

After that, they will face Atlético de San Luis, who did not achieve the expected results in the competition, to then visit Necaxa and face the national classic against Chivas on matchday 15, to close against Puebla on matchday 17. The capital’s team still has the fifth game against Santos pending, which will be played on September 14.

America He is going through a good time in the Apertura 2022, with a streak of six consecutive victories that puts him at the top with 22 units, inertia that he will try to maintain in the mentioned engagements.


The Sacred Flock have achieved a resurgence in the tournament at the hands of coach Ricardo Cadena, which puts them in seventh place overall, which they will try to maintain in future engagements.

They will have a difficult encounter on the twelfth day of the tournament, when they travel to Toluca, which remains in the fight for the first places in the general table which give access to the playoffs.

After that, Xolos and Puebla will be measured, to face on the fifteenth date the national classic against America and on the 17th day it will be measured against Blue Crosswhich is currently immersed in a complicated moment, so Chivas He will have to apply himself thoroughly to continue the current stage, in which he has already chained three victories, to seek his pass for the second round.


Under Andrés Lillini, the university team still can’t make it to the 2022 Opening Tournament, in which Brazilian Dani Alves is still trying to get his first victory with the team.

The South American player played his first game with cougars in the fifth meeting against Mazatlan and since then he was unable to help the team to a victory, which would be the second of the fair.

Currently, Pumas occupy the penultimate place in the general table and the remaining matches are against Atlas, Querétaro, Toluca, Cruz Azul and Juárez, for which they will have to seek an immediate reaction if they want to have the possibility of sneaking in. the playoffs.

Blue Cross

La Maquina is in one of the most complicated moments of the tournament, since after the 7-0 victory against Americalook to rebuild the path, now under the command of Raúl “Potro” Gutiérrez, who has already won his first 2-1 victory against Querétaro.

The Celeste team is currently in fourteenth position in the general table, they will have to maintain positive results if they want to qualify for the playoffs and their next opponent will be Juárez, in the Benito Juárez Olympic.

Then they will face one of the most difficult teams in the tournament, since they will visit Rayados, who currently have one of the best attacks with 20 goals, then they will play against Pumas, León and Chivas, in that order, so You will have fight for resurgence if you don’t want to be left behind after the regular phase.

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