What causes Alzheimer’s disease? Study puts leading theory to ‘ultimate test’

What causes Alzheimer’s disease? Study puts leading theory to ‘ultimate test’


Home health care faces a devastating ‘comeback’

Terry Wilcox’s grandmother lived in an isolated house on top of a hill overlooking the magical mountains and valleys of the Ozarks until, she says, “the day we literally had to drag her…

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Painkiller practice agrees to pay $1 million to settle violations of Controlled Substances Act, False Claims Act

Kenneth Barngrover, MD, and his practice, Southeast Regional Pain Center (SRPC), in Columbus, Georgia, have agreed to a $1,000,000 civil penalty to resolve allegations that the pain reliever…

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Report: With worst shortage of home health care workers, NY raises wages

According to Mercer’s 2021 survey, the state had the lowest labor shortage in the entire country. But since last year, efforts have been made to bring in more assistants, including several salary‚Ķ

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Streamlining Prior Authorization Through Automation with Deb Vaughan of Blue Cross

A senior director of payer operations talks about a new pilot program that significantly reduces approval times. …

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The study shows that 13.9% of adults who test positive for COVID-19 experience long-term COVID

Researchers have found that completing the primary series of COVID vaccinations before acute COVID-19 disease is associated with a lower risk of long-term COVID. …

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