What does Serena Williams look like in the GOAT fight?

What does Serena Williams look like in the GOAT fight?

For years, Serena Williams has been at the center of the debate about the best tennis players in history. Numbers, records and titles, backed by her strength on the court, have led her to establish herself not only as one of the most outstanding in her discipline, but also in sport in general. What are the variables that position you in the absolute elite of tennis?

The fight for the top of the leaderboard has always been one of the central goals of all players with a thirst for legacy. On the women’s circuit, Steffi Graf was responsible for installing a transcendent brand that no one has been able to achieve so far. With 377 weeks as No.1, the German has nailed the flag at the women’s and men’s summit. Who is following you on this list? With concrete possibilities to continue adding and reaching the figure of Graf is Novak Djokovic at 373 weeks. so follow Martina Navratilova at 332 weeks, Serena Williams at 319 weeks and Roger Federer at 310 weeks.

Steffi Graf also currently holds the record for years finished as No. 1 of the world with eight seasons. So They are followed by Novak Djokovic and Martina Navratilova with seven seasons, Pete Sampras with six seasons, and Serena Williams, Chris Evert, Jimmy Connors, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal with five seasons. concluding as leaders of the circuit.

As it concerns laurelscounting singles and doubles titles, Martina Navratilova leads the list with a total of 354 titles. follow him Chris Evert with 189 and John McEnroe with 156. A few steps further down the list are positioned Roger Federer with 111 titles, Rafael Nadal with 103, Serena Williams with 98 and Novak Djokovic with 89.

The situation is adjusted when only the grand slam championships. In this situation, taking the open era as the point of analysis, Serena Williams leads with 23 major titles. behind follow Rafael Nadal and Steffi Graf with 22, Novak Djokovic with 21 and Roger Federer with 20. Williams’ goal during these years revolved around the figure achieved by Margaret Court (24).

Another of the great prizes that exist in tennis is the competition which brings together year after year the most outstanding players of the season in search of the title which consecrates them as the Master and the Master at the end of the cycle. In digital counting, Martina Navratilova leads this variable with eight titles. accompaniedn Roger Federer with six, Serena Williams, Steffi Graf, Novak Djokovic, Ivan Lendl and Pete Sampras with five cups each. As of now, Rafael Nadal remains irrelevant to this list as he has never lifted the trophy in the ATP Finals.

Finally, compared to the Olympic Gamesa variable taken with precaution considering that tennis did not officially return to the event until Seoul 1988 (without participation from Paris 1924 to Los Angeles 1984). Venus Williams leads the medal table with five medals (four gold and one bronze). his sister follows him Serena with four gold medals, Andy Murray with two gold medals and one silver and, further down the list, Rafael Nadal and Nicolás Massú with two gold medals.

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