What does your team need to enter Liguilla?

What does your team need to enter Liguilla?

The big party is coming. There is almost one more day left in the Opening 2022 so that the Reclassification begins and, later, the Liguilla de la MX Leagueso some teams are risking their lives in their last game, and others have a match waiting that can help them sneak into the top 12.

After the 15th day of the 2022 Opening and recalling that the 16th day has already been played for all the teams; America, Monterey and Pachuca have their places guaranteed in the quarter-finals, as they will fight for fourth place Santos there tigerswhich total 30 and 27 points respectively.

And tigers win and Santos lose, those of Miguel Herrera They would be in fourth position by goal difference but if La Comarca win, it doesn’t matter if the Monterrey side win because they would add more points. Of the Fernando Fentanes will face Mazatlan, while the Felines in Athletic San Luis.

The teams that have their safe place in the Repêchage are: Saints, Tigers there Toluca, one of the first two will move up to fourth position depending on his results; while the Red Devils can reach fifth place if they win against Querétaro what if Tigers loses in San Luis; if the two teams draw, things are equal, although Toluca could lose sixth place if they lose.

Chivas currently ranked seventh, if they win against Blue Cross they can move up a rank if Toluca tie or lose to Querétaro, the Flock can squeeze through to sixth.

General table of the moment

La Fiera can also reach sixth place, because if Toluca loses by two goals, the Chivas draw or lose and La Fiera win by five or more goals, they would displace Rebaño and Toluca. If the Panzas Verdes, who will face Xolos, are tied, they remain in the same position hoping that Cruz Azul does not beat Chivas so that he does not overcome them; if Paiva wins, but they neither score nor lose Toluca nor Chivas, they remain in the same position.

Blue Cross must pray that Puebla lose in their pending match against cougars, because if La Franja wins, they will equal the points and could even overtake them on goal difference. If the Camoteros don’t win, La Maquina will only have to draw against Chivas to add 22 units and Puebla won’t reach them if they beat the university students. If those of Colt Gutierrez they win and Chivas and León don’t, they can go up to seven, as long as Puebla doesn’t beat Pumas.

Cruz Azul in the goal celebration

The Strip have no choice but to add six points in their last two games against Pumas, postponed from Date 7, and at America to guarantee their place in any draft position, regardless of other results.

San Luis there Necaxa They sit in the bottom two spots with 18 points. San Luis will need to win their last game or tie to prevent Juarez from catching or passing them, while the Rayos will need to add three in their last two games to go to the draft.

Juarez there Mazatlan they have a chance with a series of results and that they win in their last game and, that Necaxa there San Luis do not draw or win. Tijuana He has a chance, but the goal difference eliminates him mathematically, since he should have a victory on 10 goals.

Finally, the cougars They’ll need to add six in their final two games and someone upstairs doesn’t add any to enter 11th or 12th.


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