What is Chino Maidana’s prediction for the Canelo vs. Golovkin fight?

What is Chino Maidana’s prediction for the Canelo vs. Golovkin fight?

Canelo Álvarez has won the trust of Chino Maidana for the fight against Gennady Golovkin (Photos: Getty Images)

The third fight between Saul Canello Alvarez there Gennady Golovkin raised all kinds of expectations in the boxing world. In order not to miss any action, various personalities from the community were present in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Among them was the legendary boxer Marcos The Chinese maidanawho also announced who his favorite is for the fight and how the winner will be determined.

In the minutes leading up to the weighing ceremony of the protagonists on the night of September 17, various Internet users on social networks documented the presence of the chinos maidana near the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. In the videos, he was asked who will be the winner of the fight and, without giving further details, assured that it will be “Canelo”.

In another of the documents, he made the same diagnosis, although it contradicted one of the goals that Álvarez has repeated since the commitment was confirmed. Far from predicting a victory for the Mexican by KO, Maidana assured he would retain the 168-pound belts by decision judges, considering Golovkin a strong boxer despite being 40 years old.

Chino Maidana supported Canelo Álvarez before the fight (Photo: Twitter/@MatchroomBoxing)
Chino Maidana supported Canelo Álvarez before the fight (Photo: Twitter/@MatchroomBoxing)

Despite the experienced boxer’s prognosis, one of the most argued figures in Mexican boxing contradicts Maidana’s position. Ignacio Beristainwho has established himself as a recognized detractor of the trajectory consolidated by Canelo Álvarez, considered that the Kazakh can surprise the Mexican and more without the shelter of the promoter of Óscar de la Hoya, golden boy.

On the other hand, the emblematic Julio Cesar Chavez González felt the Guadalajara man has a better chance of winning, although he will need to exercise a more attacking style to achieve it. And it is that the age of Golovkin will lead him to look for the result of the fight in the first six episodes, so the fatigue throughout the 12 rounds scheduled, it will be a factor in favor of Canelo Álvarez.

Canello have to go ahead harass Gennady Golovkin, which is already beginning to weigh on him, he is already 40 years old. I believe that Canellowith his strength he knows how to box a little more, not a little more but a lot more than Golovkin, so you have to force him to tire him, hit the body, the head falls on its own, ”he said for Aztec sports.

On the other hand, who relied on the ability, skill and spectacle that both fighters can still provide is Eduardo Lamazonanalyst of Aztec box. Through his verified Twitter account, he felt that the outcome of the first two fights prevented him from deciding in favor of either of the two involved, although he stressed that the fight would become a Classic of the century after Marquez vs. Pacquiao.

“The fight. In game 1 Canelo started strong, in game 2 Golovkin started strong; in 1 Canelo finished back, in 2 Canelo advanced. 1 was a draw and for me, Canelo won by a wide margin. The 2 Canelos won, but for me he didn’t win. How do you expect me to give you a prediction?” he said on his Twitter account. @lamazon_official.

Canelo Álvarez and Gennady Golovkin have taken the final step before the most anticipated fight of the year. During the presentation at the appointment with the balance, the Mexican presented the lightest tonnage with 167.4 poundsi.e. 75.9 kilograms, while the Kazakh Registration 167.8 poundsthe equivalent of 76.1 kilograms.

On September 17, Canelo Alvarez will put his four 168-pound belts on the line for the first time against the 40-year-old, who will also be fighting in a weight class other than middleweight for the first time.


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