What is the winning record in a season for a driver? – The financial

What is the winning record in a season for a driver? – The financial

Max Verstappen It comes close to the Formula 1 double championship and also the record for most wins in the same season and other historic marks of some motorsport legends such as Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton there Sebastian Vettel.

the pilot of Running of the red bulls continues unstoppable and there is no one to eclipse him in the 2022 season. With his victory at the Dutch Grand Prix, the Dutchman achieved 10 wins in 15 races disputed so far.

‘Mad Max’ is already the youngest driver to have participated in a Grand Prix and also to have won a racein addition to one of the youngest champions, and this season could set new records in the history of motorsport’s highest category.

What is the record for the most races won in an F1 season?

Michael Schumacher He is one of motorsport’s greatest legends due to his multiple brands. He is the maximum winner of titles with Lewis Hamilton with seven and also one of the drivers with the most victories.

The German holds the record for most wins in a single season with 13 in 18 races disputed during the 2004 season. His compatriot Sebastian Vettel has the same number, but in 19 races in 2013, his percentage (68%) is therefore lower than that of Schumi (72%).

The closest to this record is Briton Lewis Hamilton with 11 wins in the 2014, 2018 and 2020 seasons.

Drivers with the most wins in an F1 season

  • Michael Schumacher (2004): 13 wins / 18 races
  • Sebastian Vettel (2013): 13 wins / 19 races
  • Lewis Hamilton (2020): 11 wins / 17 races
  • Michael Schumacher (2002): 11 wins / 17 races
  • Sebastian Vettal (2011): 11 wins / 19 races
  • Lewis Hamilton (2014): 11 wins / 19 races
  • Lewis Hamilton (2018): 11 wins / 21 races

Max Verstappen now has 10 wins in 15 races, the same with which he was crowned in 2021, but in 22 races. He now has seven Grands Prix to go and will most likely surpass his personal best and possibly match Schumacher’s.

Moreover, the Dutchman already adds 30 total wins in 156 races in Formula 1 and is one shy of equalizing Nigel Mansell (31/187) and two behind Fernando Alonso (32/349).

This season, he is also chasing one of Sebastian Vettel’s records, that of most consecutive wins, with nine, in 2013; ‘Mad Max’ has won four GPs in a row this season (France, Hungary, Belgium and the Netherlands).

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