When Sevilla discovers Carlos Alcaraz

When Sevilla discovers Carlos Alcaraz

Back in September 2019, a date that seems a long way off due to the effect that the Covid pandemic has had on our perception of time, a young man little known on the circuit but whose name was already beginning to be heard compared to Rafael Nadal to stand out in tournaments when he had not reached the age of majority. Was Carlos Alcaraz and arrived in Seville with a joker participate in the Seville Cup.

The tennis player was better known for his coach than for himself, he was the boy of Jean-Charles Ferrero, but that would change over the days as he gained confidence on the albero of the Betis tennis courts. The 16-year-old won the hearts of the stands, from the first game it didn’t matter who the rival was or if he was also Spanish, the Sevillian public had already chosen their favourite.

The Murcian arrived with his team to play the previous one and from that moment we saw that he had something special. First for his relationship with young fans. The tournament played at the Porvenir club is characterized by its atmosphere of closeness between members and players and Carlitos, as he prefers to be called, was very close to the members, photographed himself and answered autograph requests without any complaint. But it’s also that when he jumped on the track, he transmitted something that made the public support him unconditionally. In the round of 16, they faced Pierre Martinez and even though it was a clash of Spaniards, the public was clear about it, they cheered on this very young Alcaraz who got his first pass for the quarterfinals of an ATP Challenger tournament .

It wasn’t just the personal charisma he had, it was that his game brought fresh air to a circuit where next generation has not finished deluding certain followers who saw the end of the era of Big 3 closer and closer, nothing beyond reality. He is a versatile player, solid in his shots and with an imagination to play tennis that allows him to get away with incredible shots. In his match against carusso in the quarter-finals of the Seville tournament, he showed his caste, pushing one of the favorites and second seed of the tournament to the limit. The match went to the third set after the Spaniard won the first and the Italian the second in the tie-break. That day the day at Tenis Betis passed from half past one in the morning and the public vibrated with each shot of Carlitos. He did not win but he had already conquered the Sevillian public.

His conquest would soon spread to the rest of the world, although the pandemic paralyzed him for a while, which surely helped him continue to grow. But when he took the final step, it was this season, from the first moment. Since in Australia resisted Still in the third round and already on the North American tour when he lifted the trophy in Miami, his Primary Master 1000. He was already one of the favorites in everything he played. Everyone was waiting for the next Grand Slam to see where it would go. And his consecration came in the U.S. Openthe last of the season, in which, in addition to being crowned, he rose to first place in the ATP rankings, confirming that a star was born.

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