Who was absent from Chivas training on Tuesday?

Who was absent from Chivas training on Tuesday?

After 2 well-deserved rest days after pocketing 9 points in 1 week, the Guadalajara resumption of activities this Tuesday at Green Valley in view of the duel against Toluca, which will be played on Sunday at the Nemesio Díez stadium as part of the date 12 of the AP22.

Of course, the atmosphere inside the campus controlled by Richard Chain radically changed, as the same confidence in the work done since the beginning of the event began to bear fruit, which renewed the spirit throughout the sacred herd and for this reason he wants to take advantage of the emotional and footballing momentum to keep the momentum going.

In addition to the 4 selected (Alexis Vega, Fernando Beltran, Robert Alvarado there Zaldivar Angel), there was an absence from training today. Who is it about? What happened?

Well well, the rojiblanco in question are Christian Calderon. The boy’ He presented a strong picture of stomach infection, for which he is already under the supervision of the Chivas Medical Corps, who decided to give him rest this Tuesday so that his evolution allows him to join the pair of the group on Wednesday. To rule out any other issues, a Covid-19 test was applied and luckily it came out negative.

Even though he didn’t train, that didn’t stop him from the left side of the Flock surprised the fans present in Green Valley at the end of the session, since he gathered with his colleagues to live with the ChivaHermanos present in the club.

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