With which drivers do you get along best on the Formula 1 set?

With which drivers do you get along best on the Formula 1 set?

A few weeks ago, during a conversation with his sponsor ‘RAW’, Fernando Alonso lamented that ego and secrecy reign in the paddock of Formula 1which prevents relationships from flowing like in other disciplines.

“Maybe in F1, rather, unfortunately, we don’t have the friendship that there is in other sports. In cycling you have your teammates and your rivals and there seems to be a good atmosphere,” he explained.

“In F1, there are enough distance between all pilots, secrecy, enough ego in the paddock among all”, settled down.

Well, in another chat with ‘Finetwork’, the two-time Formula 1 world champion answered a very morbid question: Which drivers on the grid do you get on with the best?

How could it be otherwise, the first is his compatriot: “Right now, with carlos (Sainz) without a doubt, because we have known each other for many years.”

Then he wrote the name of Max Verstappen, Current F1 champion and avowed fan of Oviedo.

“Apart from Carlos, I get on well with Verstappen. He seems like an excellent driver, we have traveled several times together on the planewe share a journey…”, added Fernando.

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