Without Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush warns Dallas Cowboys will be ‘ready to play’

Without Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush warns Dallas Cowboys will be ‘ready to play’

“We have a bad taste in our mouths after losing a game,” admitted Cooper Rush after the loss to the Bucs.

FRISCO — When Cooper Rush got his first career start last October against the Minnesota Vikingsreplacing an injured Dak Prescottthem Dallas Cowboys they were 5-1 and walking.

Next Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, Rush will start his second match in life with Prescott after a thumb operation, but the Cowboys are full of questions after their 19-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the regular season opener.

“We ended up with a bad taste in our mouths after losing a game,” he said. Rush. “You can’t wait to go there next week. We were also 0-1 last season. That’s the first step.”

Rush He threw for 325 yards and two touchdowns against the vikings, delivering a last-minute drive for the 20-16 win. Despite his inexperience, he was confident.

“I think it’s more about the teammates. All you do every day is want to earn respect,” he admitted. Rush. “Going there on Sunday is the best way to do it. Going there and playing well. They have my respect. I think they respect me. I think we have a good squad. I think we are ready to go.”

Unlike last season, Rush is on a multi-week streak as a starter without Prescott, outside after his right thumb operation. Speaking to 105.3 The Fan at dallas Tuesday, the owner and general manager, jerry joneshe said that Prescott could return before four weeks; however, the club will not rush the quarterback, who was on the training ground as a spectator on Thursday.

“Now you’re focused on this game, and that’s all that matters,” he explained. Rush. “Llegas a ese point en el camino hasta que llegas. Es algo que, has sido titular antes en tu vida, y te recargas en eso. Te recuerdas a ti mismo de eso. Vas a tomarlo semana a semana, y ahora estamos enfocados en The bengals“.

This is the sixth season that Rush has been with the Cowboyseither in replacement of Prescott or in the practice squad. The hallway Ezekiel Elliott he said that Rush “You know your m—. » wide receiver Lamb CeeDee noticed the calm of Rush and said, “He just cares about getting the job done.”

“We have the experience of playing a game with him,” he explained. Lamb. “We know how he moves, we know what he likes. Throwing him in there again is like, ‘Here we go again. “I say this with the utmost positivity, and I can’t wait for my boy to get out there and shine.” “.

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